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LM Montgomery and Avonlea

Fruitcake for Muriel Stacey

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The key to a great fruitcake, in my opinion, is to add lots of fruits and nuts like the ones below; which describe why Avonlea is so special.


Marlie Sawyer

Avonlea-Special?  That is not a strong enough word!  Avonlea is like "My Light Way to Light," to quote Avonlea's famous Anne Shirley Blythe.
Let's see Avonlea is sooo meaningful to me for Avonlea exist in "our dream world" where we can experience life of the early 1900's. Avonlea  is our home where the King's are our friends.  Miss Hetty King and Mr. Clive Pettibone educated us, Mrs. Muriel St
acey Pettibone and Izzy greet us every day as we do our shopping at The General Store, and Felix King, Piere La Piere, and Mr. Simon Tramane wait on us when we want a bite to eat at The White Sands Hotel. The best part about Avonlea is that "Avonlea will
never vanish, but will be in our hearts forever!" 

Janet of Lantern Hill
Little boys who want to know and men in

  pie of face -)


*comic-book fighting
*crazy captains who can't find the sky lying face up in a raft in the middle of the atlantic ocean and pine for their lost love
*dead loves coming back to life
*one- syllable last names

Michelle Goode

The characters and the magic (sort of hard to explain)

Ghislaine Braeme
Aunt Janet,

Your website is absolutely TERRIFIC and original...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :-D
Between Bobby-with-a-y and you, on will have a Avonlea soundrack more true than nature...and before the official one!

Ghislaine :-D

Tabitha Rowe
( Why is Avonlea special to you?) innocent kisses in a barn loft

( Why is Avonlea special to you?)

The beauty of PrinceEdward Island.The quiant little hamlet of Avonlea. The warmth of Janet and Alec's home. The smell of apple pie and home made bread baking in Janet's kitchen.
Can't you just smell it now.I love to watch alec and janet, they seem so in love, and have so much love for their children,Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and little Daniel.I love having tea with them and eating a meal with them and Aunt Hetty, Olivia, and sara..

When I watch this beautiful series I feel I'm in Avonlea with all of these lovely characters, mixing and mingling with each and every one of them. I like Murial Stacey, Clive Pettibone and Morgan,Izzy, and Aurther and I must not forget Gus Pike. A beautiful young man at heart, having a yearning for education and wanting to be a gentlman, which he became. I love the beautiful costumes they wore, the way their homes were decorated(the king Farm, Rose Cottage,Olivia and Jasper's home).Even down to the dishes, which I love and collect. I love walking down the dirt road along the seashore with the children, or strolling through the orchards smelling the sweet smell of peaches and apples. I LOVE AVONLEA!

( Why is Avonlea special to you?) Gus, Felicity, Felix, Sarah, Andrew, and Cecily. Men on horseback. Gossip, long walks, sunsets, the lighthouse. P.E.I., sitting on the porch at night. sneaking out at night to go to a dance, to return a young man's hanky., birthdays, and weddings!

( Why is Avonlea special to you?) What makes Avonlea special? There's SO many reasons! houses with names (Rose Cottage, King Farm, Green Gables),lighthouses, buggies, travelling salesmen (poopsie-woopsie), spelling bees, quilting bees, bees buzzing (hee hee), jealous schoolboys, one-room schoolhouses, slates, pinafores, kind gentlemen, spilled coffee, Every Girl's Calendar, Homemaker's Journal, bachelor auctions, recitations, canoes, Pine Bend, jumble sales, sewing circle, swimming unicorns, harvest parties, sodas, Presbyterian Church Women, Daughters of the Dominion, Royal Order of the Knights of P.E.I., bicycles built for two, the Avonlea Chronicle, wallpaper paste, family celebrations, toasts, fishing boots, arctic swims, witches, homemade remedies, French chefs, haute cuisine, eggs Avonlea-style, lost love, telephone exchange, roads not meant for automobiles, a place to come home to, the dearest spot on earth. "Avonlea will never vanish". I hope you got thru all this rambling, I just love Avonlea so much!

( Why is Avonlea special to you?) (forgive me if I repeat something :-) *friendly lost dogs *tomboys *little ladies *pinafores *cousins who share their fine Paris clothes *gravy with the consistency of wallpaper paste *meat like a piece of leather *French chefs *old women with sorrow-filled pasts *"I Lawve you, Felicity." *"Don't brush your teeth with a brick." *idealistic young veterinarians *stolen kisses *paste and stew in Sara's hair *Taco stoves *foreign missions boxes *long underwear *horses and carriages *hired hands *simple dreams *wild fantasies *the King name

( Why is Avonlea special to you?) A first kiss in a barn loft, beautiful dresses, pinafores and big hats, Gus Pike and Felicity King, lighthouses, beautiful sunsets, grand adventures, nosy old gossips, pigtails, learning in a one room schoolhouse, the search for lost love, weddings, new babies, love, laughter and family, dancing to the tune of a fiddle played by Gus Pike, Aunt Janet and Uncle Alec, Going back to a time of innocence and simplicity. Avonlea...... A town I love!!!!

( Why is Avonlea special to you?) getting tricked into the pigpen by scheming cousins, a magic lantern show that touched the heart of the richest man of the island, "Ain't that the pistol?", a recluse named Jasper Dale who was brought out of seclusion by Sara and her young aunt Olivia, nothing gets by the town (not even little white lies), Pine Bend!, Izzy's struggle to accept her femininity, Felix's struggle to admit that he's in love with a tomboy, getting too much cherry pie in the face, "poison" berries, Alec's singing!, discovering a treasure map is actually a map of King Farm, an entire town working together trying to save a cannery (or a one-room schoolhouse), a "dirt-covered boy" who plays a fiddle and lives in a lighthouse named Gus Pike, an entire family gathering to say farewell to Ruth's daughter Sara, "I want to know!", Great Aunt Eliza playing "Happy Birthday" to Hetty with friends and family present, "I think you're perfect the way you are!", Hetty's moving speech at Gus and Felicity's wedding, knowing you can always come to Avonlea (even when coming home from a distant war which destroyed the innocence of an entire generation), knowing the illness of one can devastate the rest of the's Avonlea!!!

j. pearson
What makes Avonlea special?
*old time gardens

Amy Elizabeth
( Why is Avonlea special to you?) What makes Avonlea special?
Why Avonlea Still Steals My Heart
*Sweet and gentle stories *Running through flowered fields of grass *Whispered secrets of love *Wonderful, men's hats, fur hats, straw hats, marvelously flowered hats! *A misty sea *Seeing Felicity toss her curls *Seeing Felix fuss at Felicity tossing her curls *Gus Pike's greenish eyes *Seeing boys in knickers *Aunt Hettie's exasperation *Ladies in lovley lace *Smashing, DASHING men *Skating on a frozen pond in a winter wonderland *Sleigh rides to dances *Gathered around the kitchen baking *Lamplight\candlelightThe tinkling of china *Sweet whispers of music *The warmth of wintry coats *All the things of by gone days *The gentle joys of friends and familial love *The blissful beauty of a more innocent time

Sheena Foster
( Why is Avonlea special to you?) Avonlea is so special to me because of love, happy endings, forgiveness, simplicity, ships, lost love, new love, little girls with diaries, first kiss, row boats, lighthouses, fiddles, lying to everyone and never suffering, sleds, carriages, one room schoolhouses, rigid teachers that know how to love, little cottages, lost parents, doing someone no one dares to do, girls that cry over being all alone, snowstorms, total eclipses, future veteranarians coming to the rescue, and so many others that I can't list them all!

( Why is Avonlea special to you?) Felicity's first kiss - with Gus; calling lobster "lice of the sea"; putting cheesecloth over the plum sauce to keep mice out; sewing circles; sleeping in the "sparest of spare rooms" when visiting; wood stoves.

Natasha Joseph
( Why is Avonlea special to you?) *Aunt Hetty's beaus *The White Sands Hotel *Flex's neverending schemes *Sarah's imagination *Avonlea makes you want to wish there was an Avonlea and u were part of it.

( Why is Avonlea special to you?) Avonlea is something I always escape to whenever I feel low...It's special because of the solace I get from it...!

Alyssa Holcomb
( Why is Avonlea special to you?) Felix,(cuz' he can be such a nut!!!) and Felicity, cuz she is such a primp and snob:-) "Proof of the Pudding" "Love may be blind , but the neighbors ain't!" and "Woman of Importance!"


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