"I do like a road because you can be always wondering what is at the end of it." LM Montgomery, The Story Girl

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Welcome to the most beautiful rose in my garden; my dedication to a few of my favorite things: L M Montgomery, one of finest authors ever to grace the face of the earth, and Road to Avonlea, a very fine television series based upon her works. Eight years ago, when I first found out that Sullivan Entertainment was creating a series based upon The Story Girl and The Golden Road by LM Montgomery, I was thrilled!!! To see characters like Sara Stanley and Peg Bowen come to life was a dream come true. However, when the series first aired on the Disney Channel, in 1990, I was very disappointed. It was so different from the novels.

Eventually, I learned to love Avonlea, as it was called on the Disney Channel, for what it was... WONDERFUL ... and while it's not based upon L M M's novels to the letter, it does contain her spirit. The magic, beauty, wonder and innocence...

Here's what you will find on my site:
rose Paintings of Avonlea and PEI (some info on New Moon House is included), a fun section with RTA photos and our ideas on why Avonlea is special (written with the help Amber of the Smileys and Seema), a new page comparing LM Montgomery's writings and Road to Avonlea. please do not take any of my paintings for your own website, though. I spent hours creating them, and would like credit for their creation.

rose Pictures of my 3 trips to PEI. I went to the LM Montgomery Institute's Literary Conferences, saw the "Emily" sets, Green Gables, Gus's Lighthouse, many other Avonlea filming sites, and lots and lots of lovely lupins!

rose The Avonlea Musicale has Midi and Wav files of Avonlea music, along with lyrics and quizzes. It's pretty extensive and lots of fun! (Don't forget to check out the final page so that you can visit more music links.)

rose Finally, you can explore some related LM Montgomery and Avonlea Links and sign my guestmap to let us know where you hang your hat :)

So join me in a journey through the beauty and magic that is LM Montgomery's Avonlea


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