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WARNING: Spoilers for most of LMM's Novels abound! If you have not had the pleasure of reading L M Montgomery's books you might have wondered just how closely Road to Avonlea followed the novels it was based upon. The closing credits of the series state that RTA is based upon The Golden Road, The Story Girl, Chronicles of Avonlea, and Further Chronicles of Avonlea, but those of us who read all of LMM's books know the writers made many changes when adapting these novels for television. They also borrowed characters and plots from other Montgomery novels.

If you have questions about an Avonlea character not found on this page he/she was most likely created by the show writers rather than by LMM. If you know of a character created by Maud that is not on this list please let me know. This is by no means finished. I still have much to add.

This guide is divided into two categories: Character Similarities, Plot Similarities, and Novels. The first one will tell you which main characters on Avonlea came from the world of LMM, while the second section tell you which plots were borrowed from Maud's world. The last one is a list of some LMM novels with a list of characters that were used on Avonlea. The links will lead you to an online version of the novel so you can read the books for yourself. Several of the books are still under copyright protection and are not available on-line. Have fun! :)

Character SimilaritiesPlot SimilaritiesThe Novels

Road to Avonlea The Novels of
LM Montgomery

Sara Stanley:

A rich blonde 11-year old whose father sends her to PEI to live with relatives after he becomes implicated in an embezzlement scandal. Sara is known for her ability to get involved in adult's love affairs, her precocious ness, her mischievous nature and, in one episode ("The Story Girl Earns Her Name") her ability to tell a good story. The Story Girl, The Golden Road Sara, a brown-haired 13 year-old, is called the Story Girl by all her young cousins because of her amazing story-telling ability. She is the oldest of the Kings, who is being raised by her Aunt Olivia and Uncle Roger on PEI due to her mother's death.   

Sara is also based upon Emily Byrd Star in Emily of New Moon.  Emily is an 11 year old girl, who lived for years with her doting father after the death of her mother.  When her father dies, she is sent to live with her two aunts on PEI.  Aunt Elizabeth is strict and domineering, while Aunt Laura is kind, shy, and gentle.  

Felicity King: When we first meet Felicity, the oldest daughter of Alec and Janet King, she is bossy, opinionated, intelligent, and an excellent housekeeper. As she grows and changes throughout the series she meets and eventually marries Gus Pike, but not before trying her hand at medical school and running an orphan asylum, and maturing into a strong, open-minded, and caring young woman. The Golden Road, The Story Girl. Felicty is the middle child of Janet and Alec King, the beauty of the family, with dimples, large blue eyes and golden curls. She is bossy, opinionated, and a great housekeeper, but it doesn't take long for those who first meet her to tell she's not quite the smartest of the King children. She is adored by hired boy, Peter Craig, whose affection she eventually begins to return.
Cecily King: Cecily is the youngest of all the King cousins when the series begins. She is quiet, sweet and cute. Cecily does little but play with their dog, Digger and, in later episodes, take care of her baby brother Daniel. In the 5th season she contracts tuberculosis and is sent to a sanitarium. She comes back in robust health. The Golden Road, The Story Girl. 11-year-old Cecily is the youngest child of Janet and Alec, pretty, sweet, and loving. She has a kind spirit that all the cousins admire. Although she is a peacemaker, she does have differences of opinion with her brother and sister, as well as an admiring classmate. Cecily is a delicate child, and according to The Golden Road she does not live to see adulthood.
Felix King: The middle child of Alec and Janet King, Felix is a mischievous, scheming, jovial boy, with expressive blue eyes. He loves to eat, cook, dream up money making schemes, and finds trouble in the most unlikely places. The Golden Road, The Story Girl. Felix is the youngest son of Alan King, brother of Beverly. He gets sent to PEI to live with his relatives after his father goes to Brazil on business. He is a very serious boy, whose major disappointment in life is his weight problem.
Dan King: Daniel is Janet's and Alec's baby, born during the second season. The Golden Road, The Story Girl. Donald  (known by the children as Dan) is Janet and Alec's oldest child and only boy. He has a wide mouth, straight brown hair, and a very volatile relationship with his sister Felicity. However he does enjoy her cooking.
Alec King: Alec King is the kindly father of Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and Daniel, and husband of Janet. Most of the time he enjoys the hard work he puts into cultivating King farm and participating in various civic duties for the town of Avonlea. He is a very easy going, likable person with a warm sense of humour.The Golden Road, The Story Girl. Alec King is the father of Dan, Felicity, and Cecily; the husband of Janet. He runs King farm with his brother Roger. He is a kind man who enjoys children.
Janet King: Janet is the loving, but over-protective mother to her four children, Felix, Felicity, Cecily, and Daniel. Hard-working, concerned, and often open-minded, she has been known to fight for women's rights and encourage her daughter to become a doctor. She has a very loving relationship with her husband, Alec. The Golden Road, The Story Girl. Janet is the mother of Dan, Felicity and Cecily; wife of Alec. She is a hard-working, no-nonsense mother, and an excellent cook.
Olivia King: A sweet, gentle woman, Olivia lives with her older sister at Rose Cottage, where she cares for the home while here sister teaches. At the beginning of the series, she is controlled by her bossy sister, but later she starts to assert her independence. She gets a job on the local newspaper, marries eccentric inventor, Jasper Dale, and then runs her own cannery. The Golden Road, The Story Girl.  Sweet and gentle, Aunt Olivia is described by Beverly as a "golden pansy". She lives with brother Roger, taking care of the house, and Sara, as well. Olivia is a favorite with the King children because she "knows the art of leaving children alone." Olivia later marries a doctor and moves to Halifax.

Emily of New Moon.  Laura Murray is a sweet, obedient and understanding Aunt who is under the thumb of her older, domineering sister, Elizabeth.  

Jasper Dale: Known as the Awkward Man through all of Avonlea for his shyness and tendency to fall over his own feet, Jasper is a photographer, inventor, scientist, and cannery-owner. He meets and falls in love with Olivia King, eventually marrying her. The have a beautiful little boy named Montgomery, then adopt a little girl called Alicia.   TGR, TSG.  Jasper Dale is known as the Awkward Man through Carlisle for his shyness and his tendency to fall all over his own feet. He is a bit of a hermit, who hides a great secret involving a room filled with beautiful things all set aside for an unknown person named "Alice". He is a gentle man who knows beautiful fairy stories and writes poetry. He earns a living by farming his homestead "Golden Milestone".
Peter Craig Hetty King's hired boy, Peter is a hard- working boy who can't quite keep up with all the responsibility Hetty gives him. Sometimes he joins the King children in their games, but not very often. He has a crush on Felicity, but nothing comes of it. He leaves King farm in the fourth season, after he helps his mother win higher wages at the cannery. TGR, TSG.  Peter is Uncle Roger's hired boy at King Farm. He is a handsome lad with dark curly hair. He is bright and hardworking, very much a part of the little group of children who play together on King Farm. His crush on Felicity causes her much woe until she begins to look beyond his hired-boy status.

One of Peter's biggest dilemmas is whether to be a Methodist, like his Aunt Jane, or a Presbyterian, like the Kings.  The problem is solved when his father, who abandoned Peter years before, returns for him after being converted.


Blair Stanley:Sara Stanley's wealthy father, who runs a successful shipping business in Montreal.  He and his wife, Ruth, ran away to get married, estranging themselves from the Kings, especially Hetty, who blames him for Ruth's untimely death.  he sends Sara to be with her family after he is accused of embezzlement.  About a year later, cleared of all charges, he brings Sara home, only to be crushed to death by a falling crate.  TGR, TSG.  The Story Girl's father is an artist, who studies and paints all over Europe, leaving Sara with her mother's relatives.  Very few of Kings approve of the man who married Sara's mother, Felicity, because of his unstable career.  Sara, however, adores him, and is always happy to share his interesting letters with her cousins. In  The Golden Road, Blair finally returns to Carlisle to take Sara on his journeys with him... and to give her education that will develop her wonderful talents.  
Clemmie Ray:
Clemmie Ray is one of Felicity's close friends. She lacks self confidence, but is very loyal, and will go along with anything Felicity suggests. However she lives in great fear of her overly-strict ma. TGR, STG.  Sara Ray is Cecily's best friend, who plays often with the King children. Her tendency to cry at the drop of a hat, and her fear of her ma makes it difficult for some of the children to enjoy her company.
Marilla Cuthbert:Marilla Cuthbert lives at Green Gables, with her friend, Rachel Lynde.  In the second season she adopts twins, and raises them til she dies a few years later.  Anne of Green Gab les, Anne of Avonlea, Anne jof the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, Rilla of InglesideMarilla Cuthbert lives at Green Gables with her friend, Rachel, who moved in to help Marilla raise the two twins she and Anne adopted.  Marilla lives to see Anne and Gilbert have 6 children, passing away sometime before the first world war.
Rachel Lynde:Rachel Lynde is Marilla's best friend, and Hetty's rival.  After the death of Rachel's husband, Thomas, Rachel moves into Green Gables to keep house with Marilla, who was left all alone after Anne sets off to teach school.  She is a well meaning busy-body,  who is determined to keep everyone in line.  Together, Rachel and Marilla adopt six-year-old tiwns Davey and Dora.  After Marilla's death, she continues to raise the twins at Green Gables.  However, Rachel has to move in with Hetty when she suffers a stroke.  The stroke turns opinionated, head-strong Rachel into a woman who begins to enjoy life to its fullest.Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, ect... Rachel Lynde is Marilla's dearest friend.  After Rachel's husband, Thomas, dies, she moves into Green Gables to help Marilla raise Davy and Dora, Marilla's six-year-old charges.  She keeps a firm hand on the children, as well as keeping up with the doings around Avonlea.  She lives out the rest of her life on with Marilla at Green Gables.
Davy Keith:When we first meet Davy, he is a mischievous 6 year old boy, who is grieving over the death of his mother.  When he proves too hard for  his neighbors to care for, he and his sister are turned over to Marilla and Rachel Lynde.  The two ladies also find him to be a handful, but decide to adopt the two children anyway.  After Marilla dies, Rachel takes over the responsibility of raising them. However, it's not long before he is in the care of Hetty King, after Rachel suffers a stroke.  All this instability keeps Davy testing the waters. Among is his adventures, he has trouble in school, likes to play pranks, and wonders if mermaids are real.  Later, he joins the War effort.Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, Rilla of Ingleside: Davy comes to live with Anne and Marilla at Green Gables after the death of his mother.  He is a bit of a trouble maker, but his care givers love him all the more for it. He manages to pull some silly pranks, like locking his sister up in the neighbor's barn, skipping Sunday school, and breaking Anne's willow ware plate.   He grows up to run the farm, marries, fights in WW1, and has several children.
Dora Keith: Dora is Davy's twin sister.  She is a very prim, proper, and sensible young lady, who always seems to get dragged into Davy's high jinx.    Anne of Avonlea, Anne jof the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, Rilla of Ingleside: Dora is Davy's twin sister.  She is very prim, proper, and well behaved.  She always seems to be a target of one of Davy's jokes.  She grows up, marries, and has several children.  
Peg Bowan: Known as the Witch of Avonlea, Peg Bowan is a recluse who lives in a shack in the woods surrounding the village. She gathers herbs, "casts" spells that sound familiar to any reader of Shakespeare , and gives out advice to the children of Avonlea. Peg Bowan is known a s a witch through all of Carlisle. She lives in a dilapidated house in the woods, filled with all kinds of curiosities, like a stuffed  monkey and a skull.
Magic Seed: "The Journey Begins": After Felix and Felicity play a "stinky" trick on Sara and Andrew, Peg Bowan gives the two victims some magic seed. They tell Felix and Felicity that all their wishes will come true if they eat the magic seed in the Avonlea graveyard at midnight. This prank ends when they are all caught by Abner Jeffries.Ch 9 "Magic Seed" The Story Girl: Beverly, Dan, Felicity, Felix, and Cecily are all tricked by the horrid Billy Robinson into buying some magic seed, which will make their secret dreams come true. It was supposedly made by the witch, Peg Bowan, who, Cyrus assures the children, said anyone who used the seed must go through an elaborate ritual to take the seed every day. They all soon realize they were fooled.
Canvassing for the School Library: "The Story Girl Earns Her Name": Hetty encourages the children to raise money for library books after Sara accidentally helps a man steal the library funds. After getting as much as they can from their relatives, the children canvass the White Sands. They try to ask the rich Mr. Campbell for money, but kicked out of the hotel before they get very far. Sara ends up solving the problem of fund raising by putting on her won magic lantern show with the help of eccentric Jasper Dale. She does such a beautiful job telling the story of the "Little Match Girl" that , not only does she earn the name the "Story Girl", but Mr. Campbell donates a library to the Avonlea school in Sara's name. Ch 6-9 The Story Girl: The Carlisle school teacher sends the children out on a quest to earn money for a new school library. The children set out to earn money by canvassing their families, as well as two of their neighbors; the eccentric Awkward Man and the cranky Mr. Campbell. In order to earn the money Sara has to tell Mr. Campbell a story and recite the multiplication table. He is so impressed with her beautiful voice that he gives her $5 for the school. However, it's not the Story Girl who makes the biggest contribution to the library fund, but Billy Robinson, who fooled more than just the Kings with his "Magic Seed" trick.
Great Aunt Eliza Visits... or so the children think:  "Proof of the Pudding":  The children are left alone to care for the house when Hetty must leave Avonlea to clear up a dispute over water rights.  The children are expecting their deaf  Great Aunt Eliza to come for a visit, so when an elderly woman comes to the door, they assume she is their aunt.  Because they suppose she can't hear them,  children fight, show her old photos while making funny and cruel remarks about the people in the albums.  Later they discover it wasn't Great Aunt Eliza, but Agnes Ruston, governor's wife, and owner of the King's water rights, who came to visit.  However, she apologizes to the children for her deception and all is well. Ch 6, The Golden Road:  The children are left at home to tend house when a woman they suppose is their deaf Great Aunt Eliza comes to visit.  As they yell out a conversation with their aunt, Dan gets the idea to make side comments he assumes the old lady can't hear.  These comments include some very unflattering things about the Governor and his wife.  (The Story Girl also tells about  how Uncle Alec almost married the Governor's wife.)    In the mean time, the Story Girl's cat ruins Eliza's things by walking over them with sticky feet.  After she leaves, they discover that it was not their aunt, but Agnes Lesley, the Governor's wife, who came to visit.  They are horrified until they receive a letter from her, apologizing and thanking the children for a delightful time.
Eating Poison Berries: "Proof of the Pudding": The children are left alone to tend house for several days, with Felicity in charge.  After Felicity declares Felix needs to be on a diet, he goes in search of something to eat.  The "something" is a berry the children believe to be poisonous.  They watch, horrified, as Felix devours them, then drag him home to one of Felicity's remedies.  The remedy causes Felix to become so ill the doctor is called.  Felix is better the next day, when he eats more berries to spite his bossy sister.  Everyone feels better when Agnes Ruston assures the children the berries were not poisonous.   Chs 14 & 15, The Story Girl:  When felicity is left in charge of the house for several days, she bosses the other children to the point of rebellion.  Dan's for of rebellion is to gulp down a handful of "bad berries" simply because Felicity tells him not to.  When he becomes ill, Cecily takes over, nursing him back to health.  However, when Felicity, again, lectures Dan about the berries, he eats a whole bunch just to show Felicity up.  This time Felicity is ready for Dan's illness to set in, but he remains perfectly healthy.  
Sawdust Pudding: "Proof of the Pudding": While left in charge Felicity makes her special pudding, which she serves to "Great Aunt Eliza".  It turns out to inedible because she used sawdust instead of cornmeal.   Ch 17, The Story Girl: the Sory Girl takes cooking lessons from Felicity while they are in charge of the house.  Despite a dismal start, Felicity entrusts the making of the pudding to Story Girl.  Sara seems to think it's the best thing she's ever made, until they all take a bite.  It turns out that she used sawdust instead of cornmeal to make the pudding.  Felicity  secretly gloats over this until she finds out, much later, that she served rusks to Agnes Lesley made with tooth powder.  
Waiting out a snow storm with Peg Bowan: "The Witch of Avonlea"  Felix's troubles with spelling cause him to run away from school.  When he gets caught in a blinding snow storm, Peg Bowan rescues him, bringing him back to her cabin to recuperate.  In her home she keeps a pet crow and other curious things.  She gives Felix a stone that helps him win the spelling bee.Chs 8, The Golden Road:  When the King cousins get caught by a snowstorm while returning home from a visit to Maywater, they have no choice but to seek shelter in Peg Bowan's cabin.  The children are amazed by her assortment of animals, her human skull, and her mysterious knowledge of their personal lives.  
Peter Goes to Church: "Conversions"  A visiting missionary encourages Sara to bring Peter and Peg Bowan to church with her.  When Peter has to go in an old patched pants, Sara dresses down as well.  Later, at church, Peter humiliates the family by laughing at Peg Bowan's cutting speech to the congregation.   Ch 5, The Story Girl: The Story Girl and Cecily convince Peter to go with them to church, even if he might want to be a Methodist.  The Story Girl is humiliated, however, when Peter laughs out loud in church.  It takes a sincere apology from Peter to restore him to Sara's good graces.  
Peg Bowan Comes to Church: "Conversions"  A missionary invites Peg Bowan to come to church, despite her conviction that she belongs to the "round church".  When she gives it a try, no one but Peter wishes to sit next to her.  This angers her, so she tells the congregation how hypocritical they are.  Ch 21, The Golden Road:  Long after Peter invites Peg to church, she appears, covered in flour, and sits next to the King children.  As the service wears on, Peg reveals many of the town's deep dark secrets where everyone can hear.  In the middle of the sermon, she walks out, saying it was too dull for her liking.   The King children are mortified, but Sara remarks that it will be a good story to tell one day.  
Peter Nearly Dies:   "Conversions"  When Peter has a hard time keeping up with the chores on King Farm,  Hetty nearly fires him.  Later,  Peter nearly dies after he contracts influenza from Edward Ray.  It takes a concoction made by Peg to revive him. Hetty realizes how important Peter is to the the family and gives him a second chance.  The family celebrates his recovery with a tree dedication ceremony.  Ch   29    The Story Girl:  Peter contracts the measles in Markdale, becoming seriously ill.  The children wait on pins and needles trying to find out if he will live.  Felicity finally admits that she thinks he's a fine boy.  When he recovers, they have a big celebration for him.
The Blue Chest: "The Blue Chest of Arabella King": An old blue chest in the kitchen of King Farm holds  the tragic story of Arabella King, who's fiancÚ was murdered on their wedding day. she took all her wedding things, locked them in the chest, not to be opened until she died. When Arabella dies, Janet gets permission to open the trunk. The only thing worth saving is a clock, inside which Sara discovers  jewels and bonds.Chs 12 & 32,The Story Girl: An old blue chest in the kitchen of King Farm holds the wedding things of Rachel Ward, whose husband jilted her at the altar. After the disappointment she locked up her things in the chest. After many years, she writes to Janet that she can open the chest and distribute the things among family members. Each child gets something special from the chest.
The Children Write Their Own Newspaper: "Dreamer of Dreams": Sara and Felicity create their own newspaper, which includes an advice column called Ask Madame X.  For her column, Sara uses village gossip, barely disguising the stories.  When her column gets mixed up in Olivia's newspaper, Olivia gets all the blame.   Most of The Golden Road:  Sara and the other children create a magazine they call "Our Magazine", which features news, stories, advice columns, and ads.  Each child has an assigned column to work on.  The magazine comes out every month, and is a very amusing read.  
Judgment Day: "True Confessions": Felicity steals Great-Great Grandmother King's comb, then loses it.  She is riddled with guilt, especially when Felix points out "signs" of the coming apocalypse from his magazine.  Her fears are also heightened by Reverend Fitzsimmon's cries of destruction and doom.  When the children go to Peg Bowan for reassurance, they get, instead, a prediction: the following night will be a judgment; if there is more evil in the world than good, the world will end.  The children go to the lighthouse to await the coming of the end.  They confess their sins, including Felicity's loss of the comb (and Cecily's knowledge that Digger took it), thereby preventing the end of the world.  Chs 19 & 20   The Story Girl:  Felix comes home with a newspaper reporting the date and time of the end of the world.  The children, believing that newspapers only print the truth, prepare for the impending doom.  They spend a frightening day together waiting in the orchard  for the end to come, confessing weaknesses, praying, and wearing the white clothes they assume would be most appropriate in heaven.  They are relieved when Cecily checks the clock, discovering the predicted judgment time is past.


Title of Novels
The Story Girl Sara Stanley (the Story Girl), Felicity King, Felix King, Cecily King, Beverly King/Andrew King, Olivia King, Alec King, Janet King, Peter Craig, Sara/Clemmie Ray, Jasper Dale, Peg Bowan, Pat the cat, Pat Frewan,
The Golden Road Sara Stanley (the Story Girl), Felicity King, Felix King, Cecily King, Beverly King/Andrew King, Olivia King, Alec King, Janet King, Peter Craig, Sara/Clemmie Ray, Jasper Dale, Peg Bowan, Pat Frewan, Pat the Cat, Blair Stanley, Great Aunt Eliza
Chronicles of Avonlea Theodora Dix/Dixson, Sylvia Grey, Margaret Lloyd, Andrew Cameron, Romney Penhallow, Aunt Abigail (Aunt Olivia in the short story "Aunt Olivia's Beau"), Malcolm MacPherson, Alexander Abraham, Felix Moore/Gus Pike
Further Chronicles of Avonlea Cecil Fenwick/Duncan MacTavish
Anne of Green Gables Marilla Cuthbert, Mrs. Rachel Lynde, Samuel Lawson, Muriel Stacey, Gilbert Blythe
Anne of Avonlea Marilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde, Davey Keith, Dora Keith, Mr. Harrison, Gilbert Blythe
Anne of the Island Glibert Blythe, Marrilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde, Dora Keith, Davey Keith
Anne of Windy Poplars
Still under copyright
Glibert Blythe, Marrilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde, Dora Keith, Davey Keith, Teddy Armstrong, Mr Armstrong
Anne's House of Dreams Glibert Blythe, Marrilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde, Dora Keith, Davey Keith
Emily of New Moon*
Still under copyright
Aunt Elizabeth Murray/Aunt Hetty King, Aunt Laura Murray/Aunt Olivia, Emily Byrd Starr/ Sara Stanley, Perry Miller/Gus Pike, Mr. Carpenter/ Prof. Alistair Dimple

*Many readers of LM Montgomery see great similarities between many of the characters/story lines in Emily of New Moon (the novel) and Road to Avonlea. I find it interesting that the woman who produced Salter Street's Emily of New Moon series also wrote for Avonlea.


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Road to Avonlea is the property of the Sullivan Entertainment. These pages are for fan enjoyment only. No copyright infringiment intended.

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