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LMM on the Birth of Anne of Green Gables

" All my life it has been my aim to write a book- a "real live" book. Of late years I have been thinking of it seriously but somehow it seemed such a big task I hadn't the courage to begin it... Two years ago in the spring of 1905 I was looking over this notebook in search of some suitable idea for a short serial I wanted write for a certain Sunday School paper and I found a faded entry, written ten years before:-"Elderly couple apply to orphan asylum for a boy. By mistake a girl is sent them." I thought this would do.... Somehow or other she seemed very real to me and took possession of me to an unusal extent. Her personality appealed to me and I thought it rather a shame to waste her on an ephemeral little serial. Then the thought came, "Write a book about her."... The result of this was Anne of Green Gables...

"The book may not sell well. I wrote it for love, not money-but very often such books are the most successful- just as everything in life that is born of true love is better than mercenary ends."
~~ LM Montgomery, The Selected Journals of L M Montgomery Vol1 August 16, 1907

LMM Institute:
learn about LMM research, conferences and the Kindred Spirits Mailing List

Kindred Spirits Mailing List: Instructions on how to join a wonderful mailing list dedicated to discussing LMM among other things. I've been on the list for two years, and have always found it a joy. Kindreds are special people indeed! :)

LMM in Ontario: Page about Maud's life
and works after leaving PEI

The Poetry of LM Montgomery:
Ever wonder about Maud's poetry?
This page gives you a sampling

Full-Text versions of LMM's novels on
the web:

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Avonlea
Anne of the Island
Anne's House of Dreams
Rainbow Valley
Rilla of Ingleside
The Watchman and Other Poems

Chronicles of Avonlea
The Golden Road

LM Montgomery Homepage: Donald Johanson's page, which includes book descriptions, biography, illustrations, and an article on Anne of Windy Willows

L M Montgomery Original Book Covers: discusses some of LMM's novels through changes in their cover art; pictures of original covers

Emily's Lookout: A page about Emily of New Moon

Emily Byrd Star, First Wave Femanist:
a research paper about the Emily Trilogy

Two Pages about Anne of Green Gables: the Movie

The Unofficial AGG Homepage
Sullivan Entertainment's AGG site

Sullivan's Anne 3 Site

Emily of New Moon : the TV Series

The Blue Castle, Rainbow Valley and Emily of New
by Hank Stinson

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