Avonlea Musicale Trivia

While we wait for our next performances, please browse around and test your knowledge of Avonlea music events of the past.
Read the questions and choose your answer then click on Janet to see if you are right.


1. What item enchanted Janet at the auction she attended with Abigail, Olivia and Hetty?

a. an heirloomb comb
b. a talking machine
c. a music box playing "Annie Laurie"
d. a music box playing "All Through the Night"
1. answer

2. To whom did Alec sing "All Through the Night"?

a. Daniel
b. Cecily
c. Felix
d. the cow
answer 2

3. What was the title of the song the Blaines were to premier at the White Sands Musicale?

a. Carrighfurgus
b. Honky Tonky Donkey
c. Spunky Hunky Monkey
d. Loch Loman
answer 3

4. In which episode did Felicity sing?

a. Momento Mori
b. the Return of Gus Pike
c. none of the above
d. all of the above
answer 4

5. Who's voice drowns out the Avonlea Presbeterian choir, for which Rev Leonard was thankful?

a. Eulalie Bugle
b. Alec King
c. Sylvia Grey
d. Malcolm MacEwan
answer 5

6. Who is the first person to sing "She's Like a Swallow"?

a. Gus Pike
b. Captain Crane
c. Eliza Pike
d. Felicity King
answer 6

7. To what kind of music did Elbert introduce Booth Elliot ?

a. Ragtime
b. Stride Piano
c. Romantic
d. Accadian
answer 7

8. What song led Felicity to Gus?

a. She's Like a Swallow
b. When the Saints Go Marching In
c. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
d.Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
answer 8

9. Which Avonlea episode is not also a song title?

a. Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
b. The Ties that Bind
c. Thursday's Child
d. After the Ball is Over
answer 9

10. What kind of song did Alec sing to yield the most milk from his cow?

a. sad songs
b. cheerful songs
c. romantic songs
d. patriotic songs
answer 10

11. What gift did Great Aunt Eliza give Hetty on her 50th Birthday?

a. she danced a jig
b. a music box
c. music lessons
d. she played "Happy Birthday" on the piano
answer 11

12. Who performed in the Touring Evangelical Choir?

a. Syliva Grey
b. Romney Penhallow
c. Ambrose Dimsdale
d. Hetty King
answer 12

13. Who, according to Betty Blaine, was "a one hit wonder"?

a. Her Husband
b. Alec King
c. Irving Berlin
d. Gilbert and Sullivan
answer 11

14. What did Gus do that he thought made him responsible for the cannery fire in Aunt Hetty's Ordeal?

a. He did his homework
b. He sang "Wild Rover"
c. He Danced
d. He played his fiddle
answer 12

15. What kind of music does Felicity know how to play on the piano>

a. Hymns
b. Ragtime
c. Classical
d. Country
answer 11


1. The answer is C. Janet fell in love with a "cheap" music box playing "Annie Laurie" because it reminded her of Alec.

Friends and Relations
Question 2

2. A big HUZZAH to you if you get this one right! The answer is A. Although it is commonly accepted that he sang the song to Cecily, Alec actually sang "All Through the Night" to Daniel while the rest fo the family listened on.

Thursday's Child
Question 3

3. The answer is B, Honky Tonky Donkey. Unfortunately, we never get hear the song.

Great White Way
Question 4

4. The answer is A. This one was tricky, wasn't it? Felicity sang "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" with everyone at Hetty's birthday party.

Momento Mori
Question 5

5. The answer is D. Malcom's bass voice was so loud that the church ladies complained about it, much to Abigail's horror.

Malcom and the Baby
Question 6

6. The answer is B. Ezekiel sang along to the song with Gus's fiddle.

Sea Ghost
Question 7

7. The answer is D, Accadian. Although Booth played Ragtime and Stride Piano, he was introduced to Accadian music, "The next cousin" to the cajun music, by Elbert.

Enter Prince Charming
Question 8

8.The answer is C: Felicity heard "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" on the phone and recognized it later as she passed a church in Charleston, SC.

Return to Me
Question 9

9. C: Thursday's Child is the only episode title in this list not borrowed from a song. It is taken from a poem Great Aunt Eliza read to Cecily during the episode.

Question 10

10. A: Alec sings "Carrighfurgus" to the cow to get her to yeild a higher quantity of milk. He says, "the sadder the song, the faster she yeilds."
Cedric Smith, by the way, sings this very song on Loreena McKennitt's CD, Elemental.

King of the Great White Way
Question 11

11. The answer is D; Great Aunt Eliza learned to play the piano to show Hetty that you are never too old to experience new things.
Momento Mori

Question 12

12. The answer is C; Ambrose Dimsdale toured with Evangelical Choir, gather wives as he performed.
Of Corsetts, Secrets, and True, True Love

Question 13

13. The answer is C. Betty Blaine dismissed Irving Berlin (who went on to write "White Christmas") as a "one hit wonder."

King of the Great White Way
Question 14

14. D: Due to Hetty's lectures, Gus thought that his fiddle playing at the cannery caused it to catch fire.
Aunt Hetty's Ordeal

Question 15

14. A: Although she told the teachers at Kingsport Ladies College she could play classical music, Felicity only knew how to play hymns.
High Society

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