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To give you an idea of where the following piece is coming from, I need to give you an idea of how this list came to be. Several years ago, during the long Summer nights, my partners in insomnia (see credits, above :) ) and I needed some entertainment, so we came up with a game called "why is Avonlea so special". It was so much fun, providing us with some very tangible ideas on the charm of the show that we turned it into this list. 

Editorial comments (and Smilies) provided by Amber. 

Have fun with this and try it yourself one of these days. If you come up with anything good, please e-mail me, "Auntie Janet", using the form on this page, and you might just see your ideas the next time you check this page :).

Oh, and why do we call it "Fruit Cake for Muriel Stacey"? Well, Because, when we get together, the three of us can act just like Aunt Janet and Viola Elliot, who took Miss Stacey's automobile for a spin without permission. And, like Viola and Janet, we have our "tonic"... lack of sleep, which makes us especially prone to "acting like a (group) of teeners." This was our peace offering for taking a car for a spin and careening into a snowbank. 

'Nuf said! 

(See one of my favorite epidsodes The Minister's Wife)

So... What Makes Avonlea so Special? ....

*real people and real emotions *simple, true to life plots that hit home *family and friends and relations *beautiful scenery, costumes, people and homes *beautiful music *the way they represent the innocence and wonder of childhood *laughter, singing, tears, hugs, kisses, yells, shouts, races,picnics, smiles *the sea ers *the red cliffs and pink beaches and fields and forests and shining waters *moonlit nights *skies full of stars *raindrops on roses *whiskers on kittens *bright copper kettles *warm woolen mittens *brown paper packages tied up with strings (don't tell me you didn't see those coming=) heehee=) ) *slaps, fights, punches, strangling, stabbing (Seema! you're only mentioning the violent parts=) ) *tickle fests in bed *sleigh rides *ice skating *wildflowers and soft, long, green, wild grass *red chinese lanterns and ministers' wives in red kimonos *fiddles *men who cry, but don't sob *Felicity's apologies *hats!!! *Pus!! *warm, fuzzy sweaters *mists on the farm*amber waves of grain *purple mountain majesties *above the fruited plains....(heehee=) ) *sunsets *watching clouds and finding pictures in them;)*red roads*graveyards*catching butterflies *writing in diaries *writing in news notepads *writing novels *gentlemen in vagabond clothing *Felix's schemes *Felix's bad luck with animals *sawdust pudding *trellises *haylofts *young romantic girls on the verge of womanhood *secrets *sacrifices *so many aunts, you can't keep 'em straight=) *Tea! Tea! Tea! *lovers returned from the past *cozy parlors lit only by fireplaces *blue dresses that look purple *"blue shoes to impress the cows... and Bobby" *travelling carnivals and circuses *drama competitions, and bets with family recipes *music boxes that play "Annie Laurie" *standard, unromantic proposals*rescuing boys who have fallen in wells after desperate romantic proposals *desperate, romantic proposals  *practicing the waltz with a best friend/cousin *dances at the White Sands *barn dances *rummage sales *snow storms *the sound of silence during a cold, crisp winter night*"Cecily, you stay here..."*gossiping in the general store*home movies *awkward inventors*auctions*corsetts *secrets *true, true love=) *pigs in corsetts *dogs in pig ears *"little girls..." *sweet orphans *flag cakes *ruby rings *birthday rings *lost wedding rings *musicale productions *hope chests *ice fishing *mysterious letters and hidden treasures *ships *ghosts!? *shelling peas *peeling apples *picking apples *choosing apples *bobbing for apples (and making the helper fall in love with your apple bobbing abilities?=) ) *apple blossoms *orchards *fir and spruce trees *daisies=) *cherry pies *twins  *hair cuts=) *sawdust pudding *"poisoned"berries *storytellers *bagpipes *sailors *eccentric villagers *cricket matches *privies *honey wagons *walking along the shore *crazy women from a circus named Isis heehee=) *fall foliage *spring and summer colors *diamond winter days=) *impromptu fireworks displays *lullabies *cars and planes careening toward haystacks *cars careening into snowbanks=)

Well, it looks as if this page has come full-circle=) Hopefully this fruitcake wasn't too full of nuts=) It was edited a LOT!!!!!=) And you know what that means.... it means that there are still SEVeral kindred things to add to the list!!!!!=) 

Please feel free to add your own Fruits and Nuts to our cake using the form below (Note: 9/5/99 I just got this form working since my move to Freeservers, so if you don't see your fruits and nuts on the next page, it's because I haven't been recieving your submission... I'm sorry about that; please send it again) :

Your Name:

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What Makes Avonlea Special to You? (these are your fruits and nuts ;-) )

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