Good Night!

This is where I get to thank all those people who helped me with all my pages .

Personal Thank You's go to:

Seema for her kindness, suggestions, and friendship :) She's a very special young lady :)
Amber of the Smileys for lending me her superior RTA expertise, editorial comments, brilliant trivia questions, and especially her friendship and all around support. Another special young lady :)
Sara Allen for furnishing me with lots of information on traditional songs, for giving me the lyrics to "After the Ball", as well as the alternate title to "East Side, West Side"("the Bowary") that made it possible tofinally find info on it, and for patiently listening to my ideas and questions:)
Tara Lindgren She provided me with the title of the song, "I's the B'y", which was a huge mystery to me,
as well as providing me with the correct tittle to Farewell to Nova Scotia.

These are the sites where I found many of the midi files and lyrics in the musicale:


Music Resources

The Cyber Hymnal Lots and lots of hymns and gospel music; Great Page!
Christian Gospel and Hymn Music Page Pretty self explanitory; hymn music and gospel music in midi format.
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook Defunct! Fantastic site of over 400 traditonal, English, American, Irish, Welsh, Canadian and Scotish midis and lyrics
Bagpipe Music A site Gourney Mc Donald would love!
The Cantaria Learning Library of Bardic Music Music from middle ages to modern, mostly related to the Society for Creative Anachronism
MudCat Cafe presents The Digital Tradtion Folk Song Database Easily searchable site of thousands of lyrics and digital music
Yet Another Digital Tradition Page Includes GIFs of musical scores for many traditonal songs



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