...when I got down to the seashore and climed out on a big rock I just held my breath with delight...I could have lingered there for hours. LM Montgomery, The Selected Journals of LM Montgomery, Volume I


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Sara looking out toward a little harbor village (opening RTA image first season)

Away to the westward, across to the harbour, the world was bounded by New London Cape, a long sharp point running far out to sea. In my childhood I never waried of speculating on what might be beyond that point - a very realm of enchantment I felt sure...

Even when I gradually grew into the understanding that beyond it was merely another reach of of shore just like our own it still held a mystery and a fascination for me. I longed to stand out on that remote peak, beyond which was the land of lost sunsets.

~My Dear Mr M: Letters to GB McMillan

Felicity watching for Gus (painted from a photo taken near Grand Tracadie, PEI)

She had watched the ship on which her lover went sailing out of Four Winds Harbor into the sunset. But, though she watched long, she had never seen it coming sailing back. That vigil had taken the girlhood from her eyes...

~Rainbow Valley

(Describing Rosemary West, but the same could be said of Felicity.)



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