"Every pot has a lid." Mrs. Bugle ~ Lonely Hearts

"Empty vessels make the most noise." Aunt Eliza ~ How Kissing Was Discovered

"Close your eyes." Izzy Pettibone ~ Woman of Importance

"A man is nothing but trouble." Aunt Eliza ~ The Ties That Bind

"A little lower." Hetty King ~ Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life

"Who knows... love may be just around the corner." Muriel Stacey ~ Lonely Hearts

"When your heart skips a beat, it isn't love, its indigestion." Rachel Lynde ~ Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life

"Such dreams Felix. Where do they all go?" Felicity ~ Out of the Ashes

"Aunt Hetty! You're the most important person in the world to me." Sara ~ Comings and Goings

"A woman can never have too many hats." Lillian Hepworth ~ Woman of Importance

"So you see Hetty, we are never too old to learn, or to try something new, and that is my gift to you." Aunt Eliza ~ Momento Mori

"What hurts Avonlea hurts me." Hetty ~ So Dear to My Heart

"I think she's skim milk trying to be cream." Izzy Pettibone ~ Lonely Hearts

"I can't remember. I know I was only three when she died, but sometimes I lay awake at night and try to remember the sound of her voice. If only I could just hear it in my head. I can't. It frightens me sometimes." Sara - Home Movie

"You know, Hetty King, you are often a remarkable woman." Janet ~ Evelyn

"Rachel, I never cease being amazed by your lack of tact." Marilla
"I have no tact. I'm noted for that." Rachel ~ The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's

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