So much can be said about the romance, laughter, and tears of Avonlea. I think it best to relive these cherished moments through the voices of its residents. As you return to the land you know so well, you will say to yourself, "I have come home."

"After all my travels, there are few places in the world as beautiful as where we are right now." Muriel Stacey ~ Momento Mori

"I still remember little things. She used to brush my hair at night. Her hands always smelled like rosewater." Izzy ~ The More Things Change

"Nothing of real worth ever comes completely without pain. You know what though? You always remember the love more than the pain." Olivia ~ The Dinner

"I'm gonna miss you and Rose Cottage so much." Olivia
"Rose Cottage isn't going anywhere. It will always be there for you and so will I." Hetty ~ The Ties That Bind

"The salt sea air and the flickering home lights, the sunset kindling the fires in the valley. I love this place." Sara ~ Comings and Goings

"Avonlea will never vanish." Hetty King ~ So Dear to My Heart

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Last Updated: June 5,2000