"Hetty, would you?" Simon
"Oh, Simon." Hetty
"Say you'll be mine, forever and ever." Simon
"Yes, yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes." Hetty ~ Ah... Sweet Mystery Of Life

"When this is all over, whether you can see or not, I will marry you as I should have when you first proposed to me." Felicity
"If that's a proposal, I accept." Gus ~ So Dear to My Heart

"You did say for better or worse?" Clive
"I do recall saying something of the kind." Muriel ~ Woman of Importance

"It must have been exciting being a sailor, seeing the world." Felicity
"Well, I traveled near halfway around the world. Never saw a sight as lovely as what I'm lookn' at right here." Gus ~ Otherwise Engaged

"You take a lot of looking after Felix King." Izzy Pettibone ~ Fox Tale

"I gave this to you before as an engagement ring and you gave it back. I'm offern' it to you again. This time, no strings attached. Whenever you're lonely or discouraged, look at it and remember, I love you Felicity, I always will." Gus ~ Otherwise Engaged

"Alec, you're looking at me so strangely. Is, is something wrong?" Janet
"No, I'm just standn' here. Thinkn'... about how wonderful you are, and how much I love you." Alec ~ Secrets & Sacrifices

"Thank you for wanting me to stay." Izzy
"I couldn't imagine what it would be like if you left." Felix ~ Woman of Importance

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