"Felicity, how do I look?" Felix
"Why ask me, you already know what I think of you." Felicity ~ Comings and Goings

"A few days with Aunt 'Crab-agail' and we'll all be screaming for mercy." Felix ~ Secrets and Sacrifices

"I think we should call in a specialist from the city." Janet
"I don't believe in specialists. They tell you what's wrong with your right nostril, know nothing of the left. No, not a specialist." Hetty ~ When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid

"I will not have my foundation garments in a motion picture!" Hetty ~ Home Movie

"Look at that, she's doin' a play." Gus ~ Aunt Hetty's Ordeal

"You're right Felicity. There are a lot of cherries in your pies." Sara ~ Proof of the Pudding

"Why doesn't he do something?" Mrs. Lawson
"Like what?" Mrs. Inglis
"I don't know. Kiss her or something." Mrs. Lawson ~ May the Best Man Win

"Jasper would never run away just because Aunt Hetty made an ugly face." Sara ~ May the Best Man Win

"Aunt Hetty asked me to rub some sense into you and I intend to rub hard." Felicity ~ The Proof of the Pudding

"Don't forget about your trousseau." Janet
"My, my what?" Abigail
"Your underthings." Janet
"Oh Janet, really!" Abigail ~ Aunt Abigail's Beau

"I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. The noise was simply dreadful." Louisa Banks
"Noise, what noise?" Hetty
"Wild animals in this very house." Louisa
"Its just field mice Nanny Louisa." Sara ~ Comings and Goings

"Where does she find those hats?" Mrs. Sloane
"There isn't an ostrich alive that hasn't been plucked bald." Mrs. Bugle - The Minister's Wife

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