"In your worst moments I've never known you to have a handkerchief." Gus ~ So Dear to My Heart

"You're like an ocean breeze... not that you smell like fish or anything." Felix ~ Woman of Importance

"That was before my willowy bride took captive my five senses." Clive ~ Woman of Importance
"I would rather put my head in a noose, than have some lady bid on me as if I were a prize pig at the county fair." Simon ~ Lonely Hearts

"Better than kissn' my dog." Gus ~ How Kissing was Discovered

"Now are you two gonna come in for some hot cider or you gonna freeze out here and whisper in each other's ear? Hmm, thought as much." Alec ~ The Dinner

"I thank you for your good years, and uh, good work... you're free to go." Jasper ~ So Dear to My Heart

"You know what my mother used to say? About carrying a burden? At first, it'll weigh you down, but sooner or later, it'll make you strong." Gus ~ Evelyn

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