Toronto Period
(March 1935~April 1942)

Maud's husband's serious mental problems let to his resignation from his Norval and Union charges. Maud Montgomery moved to Toronto, with her family, in 1935. After living in the church-owned manses for such a long time, Maud was excited to purchase her own home which she called "Journey's End" at 210 Riverside Drive, Toronto, near the present day Jane subway station. The mansion is set right on the Humber River, and has a distant view of Lake Ontario. The cost of maintaining the house and paying for her sons' education required most of Maud's income. She went back to writing the "Anne" series with the books _Anne of Windy Poplars_ (1936) and _Anne of Ingleside_ (1939). She also created a new heroine, Jane, in _Jane of Lantern Hill_ (1937), which is set partly in Toronto.

Maud died at the Journey's End on 24 April 1942, seven months before her 68th birthday, and is buried in Cavendish cemetery, Prince Edward Island. Her husband, Ewan Macdonald, died in the following year.


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