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December 9

The L.M. Montgomery Institute CD-ROM, A Bend in the Road: An Invitation to the World and Work of L.M. Montgomery, won three major awards this past fall. For more detail, visit the institute site: http://www.upei.ca/~lmmi/media.html

I received a copy of the CD today. The package is so beautifully put together that I am looking forward to viewing the contents as soon as I can find a Windows computer to try it on.

December 3

I bought a bottle of wine which has a label with many familiar Canadian faces including Sir John A. Macdonald and L.M. Montgomery. The following site has more information: http://www.winerack.com/ select 'wine list' then choose President and Sparkling from the various menus, and you should get it.

Here is the info from the above site regarding the wine: CSPC: 529776 Brand: PRESIDENT Type: White Sparkling Size: 750 Sugar Code: 1 VQA: NON-VQA Vintage: N/A Grape: N/A Description: CUVEE 2000 and 2001...the 2000 with depictions of Canadian Historical Events is fast selling out but the new 2001 featuring Famous Canadian Faces on the bottle is now available...and at a SPECIAL LOW PRICE. On Sale from 12/4/00 until 12/31/00 Cost $11.45

November 25

The annual event "Montgomery Chrismas" was held in Norval, Ontario today. One of the activities I enjoyed was having lunch in the dining room in the Presbyterian manse, which was the home to L.M. Montgomery and her family from 1926 to 1935. The present minister, Rev. Guirin, and Mrs. Guirin kindly invited visitors for refreshments, and a local resident talked about her memories of LMM.


In 1999, Canadian author Mary Frances Coady's novel for youth entitled Lucy Maud and Me was published by Beach Holme Publishing, Vancouver, B.C.

Last month, a Japanese edition was published under the title of Tabiji no hate (The Journey's End) by kodansha, Tokyo. Translated by Natsuko Tanaka.
188~128mm, 214pp, 1500 Yen

Available in November

Canadian children's publisher Tundra published an illustrated edition of Anne of Green Gables this November. Hardcover with Jacket. ISBN 0-88776-515-7, US $24.95 / CAN $35.00, 352 pages.

October 21

The Town of Uxbridge in Ontario will have a special annual event called L.M. Montgomery Day. Please take a look at their official site at http://www.town.uxbridge.on.ca/ From this page, choose Lucy M. Montgomery in the menu bar at left.


Japanese author & translator Yuko Matsumoto recently published the book Dare mo shiranai Akage no Anne (Unknown Anne of Green Gables) from Shueisha.

This book introduces the background information on Anne of Green Gables to Japanese readers: historical, political, social, literal, floral information and more.

Have a peek at Yuko's ongoing project the Montgomery Digital Library. The site shows the list and the texts of poems from which Montgomery quotes in Anne of Green Gables.


ISBN:4900845949 253pp. 1,700 Yen

My first book on L.M. Montgomery was published this April under the title of Akage no Anne o kakitaku nakatta Montgomery. Its English title is Anne and After. Published by Aoyama Publishing Co.,in Tokyo.

The first section covers Montgomery's life in Prince Edward Island to her death in Toronto, Ontario. In the second section, I introduce many Montgomery-related sites in Ontario. In the final section, I write about meetings with my special friends many of whom still remember Montgomery, and some of whom are actively preserving the memories of Montgomery in Ontario.

My intention in writing this book is to introduce, to the Japanese readers, the places where Montgomery lived, and the people of Canada who appreciate Montgomery's works as a mother, minister's wife and author.

Through my own research I learned that Anne is immortal not only to the Japanese but also to so many Canadiannes!

The long waited of the sequel of The Green Gables Letters from L.M. Montgomery to Ephraim Weber, 1905-1909 has been published under the title of L.M. Montgomery's Ephraim Weber Letters,1916-1941.
Edited and with an Introduction by Paul Tiessen & Hidi Froese Tiessen.
MLR Editions Canada
ISBN: 0-9681676-0-8@
219 p.
Contact address:
MLR Editions Canada, Department of English
Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, ON
N2L 3C5, Canada
June 29 ~
July 2
The L.M. Montgomery Institute at the University of Prince Edward Island will hold an international conference on LMM entitled L.M. Montgomery & Popular Culture.
May 1 ~
Nov. 5
The Stratford-Perth Museum in Ontario, Canada will hold an L. M. Montgomery exhibition entitled Lucy Maud Montgomery: Life and Legend.


The revised edition of Yuko Matsumoto's Japanese translation of Anne of Green Gables (Akage no Anne), will be published by Shueisha in Tokyo.
End of Jan. or early Feb.

The Japanese translations of Aunt Maud's Recipe Book from the kitchen of L.M. Montgomery will be published by Toyo Shorin, Tokyo, under the title of Akage no An Recipe note (Recipe notes from Anne of Green Gables). Translated by Miki Okuda. 2500 yen (approx. $20 CDN)

You can tell how Anne is popular in Japan in relation to the name of her creator. Any book title including the name of Anne will sell well. Okuda's other book on Anne, probably called "Dictionary of Anne's World", will be published in this Spring.

January 11 According to the article, Lost Anne of Green Gables manuscript found: Missing for three decades by Andy Lamey in the National Post, a total of 564 pages of a handwritten manuscript of Rilla of Ingleside has been donated to the L.M. Montgomery Collection at University of Guelph's McLaughlin Library by a retired English teacher Emily Woods. She was presented the MS by a member of Montgomery's family in the late 1960s.
January 2

The Canadian Broadcasting Co., (CBC) organized a 'Great Canadian Writer Poll' through the NET as a Millennium event.

The results are:

Ranking / Writer / % of Total Vote
1. Lucy Maud Montgomery 23% (5,326 votes)
2. Farley Mowat 18% (4,239 votes)
3. Margaret Laurence 14% (3,308 votes)
4. Marshall McLuhan 11% (2,650 votes)
5. Margaret Atwood 10% (2,536 votes)

Total votes cast in this category = 22,554

Of course, I did vote for Montgomery! Did you?



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