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L.M. Montgomery Collection
University of Guelph, McLaughlin Library


Montgomery, Lucy Maud; Canadian literature; Children's literature


L.M. Montgomery's diaries and scrapbooks were purchased from Dr. Stuart Macdonald,Montgomery's son, in 1981. A large collection of additional Montgomery material was purchased from Macdonald's estate in 1983.


In addition to L.M. Montgomery's diaries and scrapbooks purchased in 1981, the collection includes photographs, prints, and books from Montgomery's personal library, some of which are annotated. Also included is a collection of Montgomery's own publications, signed by her as a gift to her son Stuart. Although not all translations are present, the collection includes Dutch, Swedish, French, Finnish, Polish, and Japanese translations. Also included are numerous artifacts and papers. The library continues to collect variant printings, editions, and bindings.




266 monographs; 120 fiche; 400 reels of newspapers; 3 films; 1,500 picture files; 3.38 meters of manuscripts; 25 artifacts (ceramics and needle work).

Bibliographic Access

The collection is catalogued on-line. The Guelph Archival System is used to classify material. The holdings are accessible through CD-ROM, local dial-up or iNet.

Physical Access

Scrapbooks and diaries are sealed until 1992. The rest of the collection is open to the public.

Interlibrary Loan: No

Reprography: Yes

Reference Assistance: Yes

Publications Describing Collection:

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