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For your listening pleasure, 'All Through The Night' which Alec sang on 'Avonlea'.

I am a big fan of the Sullivan Entertainment series, 'Road to Avonlea', 'Avonlea' in the US. It ran 7 seasons on CBC and on The Disney Channel. Based on the books of Lucy Maud Montgomery, 'Avonlea' followed the lives of the King family during the early 20th century. It is almost like I grew up with the show because I have been watching since the very first episode.

Avonlea's final episode 'So Dear to my Heart' was featured in TV Guide. Coming up this Christmas, there will be an Avonlea Reunion entitled "Merry Christmas Miss King"! From what I currently know, Michael Mahonen (Gus), Heather Brown (Izzy), and Sarah Polley (Sarah), will not be appearing in the special. Felix played by Zachary Bennet, will be missing in action during WWI, and aunt Hetty will be ill. If there's any more information I'll let you know! :o)

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Some pictures from the Avonlea books & "The Avonlea Album"!

Felicity & Clemmie Ray

Gus Pike & Hetty King

A tea party! :o)

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Avonlea Fanfic!

I hope you enjoy some of my stories. So far I have added the first 5 parts of my Avonlea fanfic entitled "Avonlea~ A New Beginning".

Avonlea~ A New Beginning pt.1

Avonlea~ A New Beginning pt.2

Avonlea~ A New Beginning pt.3

Avonlea~ A New Beginning pt.4

Avonlea~ A New Beginning pt.5

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Thanks very much to Hope Taylor for scanning some of these pictures for my Avonlea pages.

I have no connection to any of the actors or actresses in "Avonlea" nor with Sullivan Entertainment entertainment & enjoyment of the fans of a wonderful television series and that's all folks! :o)

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