"Avonlea: A New Beginning"
"Peg Bowen"

On a clear, crisp late fall morning, the so-called 'Witch of Avonlea' was doing her regular "rounds" aroung the backlots and woodlands of the town. She carried a big burlap sack to throw anything she found along the way, and a jug half the size of it.

The current generation appeared to be much smarter or at least less curious than the prior. She was no longer followed by impertinent kids hoping she'll cure their cat for fear she poisoned it. At least not AS MUCH as years gone by. A new-fangled motor car sped by.

"I guess I'm right about those kids. There 'aint much to 'em." She sighed." Except that there Davey Keith. Growin' up with Hetty King and Rachel Lynde to look after him with HIS temper would give anybody spunk enough to rebel against the world."

She came upon the foundling home, and turned to leave. Suddenly, she was met by the very same Davey Keith, Dora, and four and a half orphans from the home.(The half was little Lou Ford, a recent addition to the orphanage along with his brother Charlie.)

"Are you really a WITCH??" asked Davey who got an elbow in his ribs by Dora, following that remark.
"Why do you wanna know? Are you a warlock?" said Peg as she thought, 'Maybe these kiddies DO have some spunk after all'.
"No, Miss. WE were just wondering is all..."
"What if I am? Would I be of any service to ya'?" replied Peg with a snicker.

Dora and Belle Marie, the only other "young lady" witness of the Witch's rude and AWful remarks, quickly fled from the scene, not wanting any spells cast over them.
"Look at them run! HA! Little snippets of things they are!" said Peg (who had been frequently sipping from her jug of "ale".

As Dora and Belle disapeared over the hill,as the remaining victims, Davey, Charlie, Edgar, Duffy and little Lou, walked into Peg's yard which was in the same state of disaster it was when Felix and Company used to wander over there in times of trouble or curiosity, or in some cases plain foolishness.

"Is this where you MURDER people?" asked little Lou rather timidly.
"Now, Nobody ever PROVED that." replied Peg.

This comment made the boys even MORE nervous and frightened.
"Well, could you...uh...maybe..." said Davey.
"Speak up and ask for what ya' want or you'll never get it!" said a miserably Peg Bowen, whose supply of liquor just ran out.
"Could you help me with school?!" piped up Davey.
"I'm no teacher. You can go to Miss King fer that."
"That's not what I mean, we need lucky charms to get us through next weeks test. Like you gave Felix King when he was little." Said Duffy.
"OOOOH, do you ALL want a charm? I wouldn't want to waste my charms. They only come once in a hundred years. I've only got..." (she quickly re-counted how many boys there were) "I've only got FIVE left."

The boys then formed a huddle.

"This is a ONE in a LIFETIME chance!" said Davey.
"What if someone finds out?!" cried Edgar.
"I'm in. I need ONE good grade on my report card."said Duffy.
"I'll do it!" piped up Lou.
"Hush up, sissy-pants! You won't unless I will!" said Charlie.
"I will TOO!!" yelled Lou, which made all the boys hold their ears after this sudden rambunctious outburst from the little sprout.
"Well? Do'ya want lucky charms or not?" said Peg, a little tired from all their fuss, and wishing she had picked up a bottle of whiskey while she was around town.

"YES!" replied all the boys at once.


The orphans parted ways with Davey Keith and quickly returned home, where Felicity had lunch waiting. They were almost TOO quiet, which made Felicity worried.

"What's the matter with you boys? First thing you are too loud and now not a peep out of you...What's up your sleeves now?" she demanded.

"Nothing! Honest! We didn't do anything BAD!"said Duffy.
"You only went to see the Witch of Avonlea!" claimed Belle Marie as she stuck out her tounge at her brothers.

"Oh, no harm in THAT I suppose.We used to go all the time when I was small. I will have to talk with that Peg Bowen, though, They say she was going about Markdale DRUNK, in the middle of the day! Imagine! I don't want you children around her." said Felicity.

Gus chuckled from the other end of the table. He was wearing his new dark glasses, as the Dr. prescribed, but his sight wasn't changing for the better, at least not yet.

"There IS something I have to go to town for, though, Gus, If you'll bring me?" asked Felicity.
"Sure, Felicity.I'll drop you off after I finish eating." said Gus, as he mouthfulled more of his gigantic sandwich.

They both cleared the table and began washing the lunch dishes in the kitchen.

"What d'ya have to go for anyways?"he said,as an afterthought.
"Oh,nothing. I just have to stop by Dr.Snow's office."she replied.
"There's nothin' wrong is their darlin'?"said Gus, a little worried.
"Nothing that won't go away in nine months." said Feliciy as she smiled and looked up to Gus.

"What?! I'm gonna be a FATHER!!!!??"screamed Gus jubulantly, which caused all inhabitants of the foundling home to come running.

"I'm 99% sure!" said Felicity.

"HOORAH!!" screamed Gus even louder, as he started to jig around the kitchen, wet from the dishwater that also covered the floor.

"What is going on?!" asked the orphans each at a different time so it was literally imposibble to hear what any of them said.

"WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!" said the proud couple.
"Well, I should go to Dr.Snow to find out for sure." said Felicity.

Immediately, Gus was running outdoors in order to hitch up the horses.

The End - Episode 3

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