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Hetty King - Hetty is the eldest of the King Clan so she is the one most likely to be in charge all the time, if not she wants to be. Hetty is the teacher for Avonlea, and although she was known to some of her students as someone who gives them too much homework (such as Felix), to some of her pupils she was, not only a wonderful teacher, but a friend.

Alec King - Alec runs King Farm, he is married to Janet and has 4 children, Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and Daniel. He is a caring father, husband, and friend who lends a hand when others need help and is a hard worker. He had been the children's mentor from the beginning and conitinued to help them with their problems when they needed someone to listen to them.

Janet King - Janet is married to Alec King, she is a housewife and has 4 children. During the first couple seasons she wasn't given such a large part except she was a loving mother who did her best. During the later seasons she started to be her own person, and had fought for the Women's vote, had her 4th child, and helped her daughter Cecily while she was suffering from Tuberculosis. In these episodes we see Janet more in depth, what she was really like.

Olivia King Dale - Olivia had spirit from the beginning. She is the youngest sister of Hetty and Alec King, and a very friendly person. All the children loved her because she was more like a friend than an aunt. When Olivia began her career working for the local newspaper, the Avonlea Chronicle, she met Jasper Dale, and they fell in love and got married. She had 1 child, Montgomery, and the Dale's bought the cannery and ran it until it burned down at the end of the last season. Also, a girl she had given room and board to had left her baby girl with them since she didn't feel like she was a good parent. The last we leave Olivia and Jasper they are headed to England.

Jasper Dale - Jasper is a shy, akward inventor who kept mostly to himself until Sara met him and asked for his help in making a Magic Lantern show. Since Olivia knew he was a wonderful photographer she asked him to work with her at the newspaper so she could have pictures to go with her articles. They married, and had 1 son. Jasper eventually wanted a better life and after the Dale Cannery was hit by lightning and destroyed, he decided to take up an offer to go work in England.

Sara Stanley - Sara Stanley came to live in Avonlea while her father was clearing up a business scandal at home, and it took a while for Sara to adjust to PEI. She did not get along with the children at first, except for her cousin Andrew. Sara had many adventures in Avonlea, but when she was older she wanted to go to France and complete her education. She came home to Avonlea for Felicity's wedding.

Felicity King Pike - Felicity was a very bossy child when Avonlea first began. She later wanted to prove her womanhood and met up with Gus Pike in the process of trying to act grown up. Later in the series, with her sister Cecily being ill with Teburculosis, she wants to help her all she can, so decides to go to Medical School. It was challenging, but she realised it wasn't right for her and that she was meant to be with Gus, however when she hears news of his death, she went into mourning. She finally got over it after a year, when she opened a foundling home for orphans with the help of Stuart McRea. Stuart asks her to marry him, and she accepted because she felt she owed it to him because he showed her how to live again. When she hears that Gus Pike may be alive, she goes with Hetty to South Carolina in search of her love. She finds him blind but makes him go back with her and breaks off her engagement with Stuart, and married Gus.

Felix King - Felix King grew up in Avonlea, along with his older sister Felicity, his cousin Sara and his younger sister Cecily. He had quite a few adventures. His biggest dream was to own a little tea house and to compete with the White Sands Hotel, his employer, for business. He liked work at the Hotel much better than working on King Farm like his father and grandfather before him had done, so decided to make a different career. During the last season of Avonlea, he and his long time friend Izzy Pettibone got teased a lot, and he felt pressure to become romantically involved by his peers. He gave the impression that they had kissed and Izzy got very mad at him because of it. In the end though, Izzy did forgive him and really did kiss him. The last we left Felix, he had joined the Navy all of a sudden to look for adventure.

Gus Pike - Gus Pike came to Avonlea looking for work after traveling to places all over the world, but remarked that PEI was the most exotic of them because he loved the island. He later started to attend the Avonlea School and Hetty King helped him to learn to read, write, and be a more civilized person. He fell in love with Felicity King, and worked at the White Sands Hotel to earn money in hopes of being good enough for her some day. Gus had troubles when his father, who was very mean to him, came back and caused trouble, but later he was killed. Gus became close friends to Captain Crane, and eventually had come to realise when he found his mother, thought to be dead for years, that Captain Crane was his real father. Gus went in search for him with his mother, and there was a terrible accident on the back to Avonlea in which he was shipwrecked and became blind. Felicity came to find him and brought him home and they got married after all.

Cecily King - Cecily King was a very meek little girl and did not really have much of a role on Avonlea until she became sick with Teburculosis. She was the "baby" of the King Family until Daniel was born. It seemed like she was the most overlooked character and they could have added her in to more storylines. Oh well, PHC. :o)

My favorite characters (like many other people) are Felicity and Gus, and also Felix. :o)

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