First episode: "Avonlea: A New Beginning"
written by: Beth aka little Elizabeth


The train arrived at the Avonlea station with a huff and a puff, seeming like a rather innocent creature at the time but perhaps it was thinking of the fates of all the young men who boarded it that beautiful morning. You would never think that across the world there was such fighting when Avonlea was just the same spot as always.

"Please don't cry Mother. I'll be alright" said Felix King as he got ready to leave his home to sail on a battleship in faraway lands.
"Oh,my son. You remember to eat well,I don't want you coming home skin and bones" said Janet.
"Goodness knows what they have to eat on that ship. Good-bye Felix.Maybe you'll make something of yourself yet" said Hetty.She turned away quickly and started to cry.
"Bye Felix. It'll be awful boring without you to get me into trouble" said Cecily.
"Son, I'm proud of you no matter what happens",said Alec as he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.He quickly hugged him tight as they used to do a long time ago.

"Oh,Felix.I don't know what I'll do with you away."said Izzy.
"Don't worry Iz. I'll come back home as soon as I can."said Felix. Before she knew it, Izzy was lifted up off the ground as Felix kissed her before everyone. This time she wasn't mad at all.

Everything was a blur in the next few minutes.Gus squeezed his hand and said "I'm awful proud of ya Felix.I'll join you when my eyes clear up some." Felicity was crying. He saw Izzy's eyes through the crowd. Janet and Alec were standing next to him. Digger his faithful pal looked up wondering what all the commotion was. Sarah and J.R. were waving. Elbert and Donny were yelling "Go beat the Huns,Felix!"

Then he was on the train with the other young sailors.He saw the Avonlea sign out the window and that was it. He had a long road ahead of him.

Chapter 2

" I can't beleive Felix is gone ",Cecily sighed.
"He'll be back." Izzy answered pertly.
"Well,I'll see you at the Red Cross meeting tommorrow,Izzy."
"Alright Cecily." Then Izzy went quickly inside her house.

Cecily continued walking down the stretch of road towards King Farm when she heard footsteps and then heard:
"Cecily! Wait up."shouted Elbert.
"Hi Elbert."
"Can I walk you home?"

They went down the bend past Rose Cottage where Hetty King was peering out the window.

"That young one. Galavanting all over creation with that boy.You'd think they were COURTING or something!"said Hetty as she continued to spy.
"They practically ARE courting Miss King" said Dora meekly.
"Hush Up!" said Hetty (In a very Hetty-ish tone)
"Oh,Albert,I have to drop this basket that Mother made for Aunt Hetty."said Cecily as she went on the porch.
"Quick Quick,Child! They're COMING!" said Hetty as she unsuccessfully tried to move away from her akward spot leaning on the chair,thus landing on a mountain of cushions.

Dora opened the door for them as Hetty, with the help of a bewildered Davey, got up.
"Hello Dora!" said Cecily and Elbert in unision. "Did Digger come home yet Cecily?" asked Davey. "Not yet I'm afraid. Mother's really worried about him,though he is eating what we bring to him.I think he just misses Felix." "Well,I have to be going Aunt Hetty.Mother is expecting me and Elbert for supper." "Supper you say? Elbert?" says Hetty in confusion. "Yes. Elbert is boarding with us since Mr.McRea left,and now with Felix gone."said Cecily. "Boarding! My goodness!"said Hetty. "Well we should be going Miss King" said Elbert.

After they left and the twins went upstairs to do homework, Hetty muttered to herself..."Boarding!"

end episode one

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