Second episode: "Avonlea: A New Beginning"
"To See the Children"

As Gus Pike was sitting in the boy's dark room of the Avonlea Foundling Home at dawn, telling the eager youngsters a tall tale that he himself heard from Cap'n Crane long ago, he looked up at the window suddenly. It was like all of a sudden, the world he had known for almost two years was changed. He could SEE some of the colors.

"What's wrong Gus? What is the matter?!" asked the four boys who thought it strange Gus should stop in the middle of such a thrilling tale.

"FELICITY!!!!!" Yelled Gus as he frantically got out of his seat and ran down the hall into the kitchen, followed by the excited and baffled boys.

"Gus Pike! What on earth....." said Felicity as she realised he was dancing around the room as best as he could, and that by the twinle in his eyes, his sight was returning!

He kissed her and started to look at everything around him. Gus could see the bright colors, and the sight was best in the light and outside. He had known all the children, of course, by voice, but had never even seen them, the color of their hair and eyes... He thought Felicity had never looked so beautiful than she did with her mother's old apron on, and her half-covered in flour.

The day was filled with seeing old hollows and special places of the Avonlea countryside, and the doctor's visit....

"Gus, your eyes ARE getting a bit better. There's no way to tell if it's permanent." said Dr.Snow.
"But surely if they're getting better now, his sight will fully return" said Felicity. "It's been months now since the surgery."
"Well, I'll prescribe glasses for now. His sight may recover in time, but it is still impaired, and most likely won't come back for at least a few years."said Dr.Snow.

"Dr.- I will get my sight back. Two years or twenty, I will see my family."said determined Gus.
"Well, Mr.Pike, time will tell." said the Dr.,who then bid himself farewell and left.

"Aren't 'ya glad I got the surgery Felicity?" asked Gus who coyly looked up into his hopeful wife's eyes.


Chapter two: Meanwhile....at Rose Cottage....

"MISS KIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!" yelled Davey as he jubilantly ran as fast as his short legs could carry him.
"Davey Keith! have you lost your senses, boy?" asked a frightened, then releived Hetty.
"A letter from ENgland! It must be the Dales!" cried Davey.
"Then GIVE it to me!" said Hetty as she grabbed it and ripped open the envelope.

She read:


Dearest Hetty,

We've arrived safely, thank goodness. Jasper says that this conflict won't amount to much, and we'll be fine in England. It is very different here, than Avonlea. I miss the town, and the family. I WILL visit you as much as possible because time and distance cannot ever seperate me from my dear homeland.

The baby was a delight on the trip. She is just so GOOD. Monty was fussy compared to her, but maybe that's why I love him so much...

I hope you are all well. Please write back soon, I miss the gossip something dreadful! I am getting to know some grand English "society", and we mingle around the crowds like we've always been here!

Love Always,



"What did it say Miss King?" said Davey.
"You and Dora can see it now, but don't dirty it because Alec and Janet will want to read it too."

Hetty went into Rose Cottage, glad to hear from her younger sister, and hopeful that Jasper will indeed be correct about the "conflict".

end episode two

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