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Saturday 11/6/99
1:00pm   ODSY Avonlea - The Materializing of Duncan McTavish
Monday 11/8/99
12:00pm   ODSY Avonlea - Felix and Blackie
7:00pm   ODSY Avonlea - Another Point of View
Tuesday 11/9/99
12:00pm   ODSY Avonlea - Another Point of View

See Michael Mahonen in 'Giant Steps' on November 12 on Bravo, Canada, 


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This page contains pictures from the television series, Road to Avonlea. While it is nearly impossible to recapture the true spirit of 'Avonlea', I hope that you will enjoy looking back on some of the magical moments, and memorable characters.......


Q : Where can I find out about the 'Happy Christmas Miss King' storyline?
A : Go to my 'Episodes' page - it's at the bottom.   

Q : What happened to the first Cecily, Harmony Cramp?
A : I really don't know the answer to this - can anyone help?

 Q : Where can I buy Avonlea videos in the USA?
A : In the USA, only four tapes were released, through Disney, and they are available from for about $16.99 each. Each tape contains two episodes :

Tales from Avonlea :

The Journey Begins The Journey Begins ~ The Proof of the Pudding
The Gift of Friendship The Quarantine At Alexander Abraham's ~ The Materializing of Duncan
Magical Moments The Witch of Avonlea ~ Nothing Endures But Change
Felcity's First Date How Kissing Was Discovered ~ Aunt Hetty's Ordeal

Q : Where can I buy 'Road to Avonlea' videos in Canada?
A : (thanks to Jean)

Each tape contains two episodes :

The Journey Begins The Journey Begins ~ Proof of the Pudding
Of Secrets & True, True Love The Materialising of Duncan ~ Of Secrets & True, True Love
A Fine Romance How Kissing Was Discovered ~ The Dinner
May the Best Man Win May the Best Man Win ~ The Ties That Bind
The Witches of Avonlea Old Lady Lloyd ~ The Witch of Avonlea
When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid (1&2)
The Great Race Felix & Blackie ~ The Great Race
All That Glitters Sea Ghost ~ All That Glitters
Misfits & Miracles A Mother's Love ~ Misfits & Miracles
All The World's A Stage Another Point of View ~ Home Movie
Return To Me Return to Me ~ So Dear to My Heart
The Minister's Wife The Minister's Wife
The Disappearance The Disappearance

Q : Are there any books on 'Road to Avonlea' available?
A : 'The Avonlea Album' (1991) is available through for about $8.   It's a wonderful addition for your Avonlea collection.  However, it was published in 1991 so it only includes pictures and scenes from the first two seasons.

Q : What time does Road to Avonlea air on CBC in Canada?
A : Road To Avonlea reruns -  CBC is showing Avonlea re-runs at 10/11 am on Saturday mornings.

Q : What time does Avonlea air on The Disney Channel in the USA?
A : Avonlea does not air in the USA, and has not since December 1996.  See above grid for details on Odyssey Channel.

Q : Are they going to make any more episodes or movies?
A : No. By 1996 everyone had decided that the story had run it's course, however, a Christmas Special, 'Happy Christmas Miss King', aired in late 1998 in Canada.

Q : Where can I see 'Happy Christmas Miss King' in the USA?
A : It has not yet aired and I don't know if there are any plans to air it in the near future.  It is not yet available on video.

Q : Is Gus Pike in 'Happy Christmas Miss King'?
A : No new footage of Gus, he only appears in 'flashbacks'.

Q : Does Gus regain his eyesight?
A : No.

Q : Are Gus and Felicity still married?
A : Yes, and in the movie, 'Happy Christmas Miss King', Felicity is three month's pregnant.

Q : Does Felix die in 'Happy Christmas Miss King'?
A : No, but he is presumed dead - 'missing in action' (WWI), and he does return at the end of the movie.

Q : Where can I get rare Road to Avonlea episodes that are not available on video?
A : You can't, unless you catch re-runs. Or, write in my Guestbook asking if anybody will lend you a particular episode that they have on tape. Usually, this works as there are many fans out there who do have all the episodes on tape.

Q : Where can I find some 'behind the scenes' footage?
A :

Q : Where can I see/buy Michael Mahonen movies?
A : 'By Way of the Stars' is available at for about $16.99
'Giant Steps' is available through for about $16.99
'Captured' is due for regular video release in about November 1999.
'Conspiracy of Silence' airs pretty regularly on the Lifetime Channel in the USA, and I've also seen it on Trio.

Q : When are you going to update your site?
A : See my  'Happy Christmas Miss King' page! 

My Michael Mahonen page has been updated to include screen captures from the movie 'Captured'.  

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