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Coming soon, My new ANNE page!!

Do you LOVE  Anne3 too!  Click here to show your support and get a banner!

I'm a huge fan of the new Anne 3 movie! I know that there are people out there who didn't like it, but Maude has made a banner to show that she and whoever else... =) support Anne no matter what! If you'd like to show your support click on the banner and check out Maude's site so you can get a banner of your own!  Please don't copy mine, as it has my name on it... hehe. Thanks Maude!

For those of you who like Anne of Green Gables as much as I do here is a link to see my Anne of Green Gables RPG page! It's another Role Play Game started by MAUDE!  Hehe. It's heaps of fun so
check it out!

Want to adopt your own Anne 3 Character? Check out Maude and Nikki's Anne 3 site!

I know Jack doesn't belong on here.. hehe but until my Anne Site gets going I've got to have a place for him elsewhere. =) Maybe I should consider adopting and Avonlea Character from someone??

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