It is only appropriate that a web page be dedicated to a young lady as fascinating and lovely as Sarah Polley. In 1985 Sarah made her first debut in a motion picture, One Magic Christmas. Sarah continued her acting career with movies such as The Big Town, Babar: The Movie, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Lantern Hill, and Exotica. However, her most well known works are the television series Ramona and Road to Avonlea. Besides these productions, Sarah has spent some time on the theatrical stage. In 1994 Sarah took on the role of Alice in the Stratford Festival's rendition of Alice Through the Looking Glass. This same year Sarah was treated for a back ailment that plagued her for many years, scoliosis.
Sarah's medical condition was only one of the many remarkable aspects of her life. In 1990 Sarah lost her mother to terminal cancer. Mrs. Polley left behind her four grown children, a husband, and a precious, little girl who has become a passionate and active, young lady.
Sarah has stated many of her aspirations in interviews. At one time she hoped to attend Oxford University and prepare for a writing or political career. She has begun her political career by spending time at Kensington Market selling copies of The Socialist Worker and Queens Park protesting cuts in social services and education.
Miss Polley is truly an incredible character. Her past credits and current endeavors are testimonial to this. And I only hope that one day I might enjoy her company over a cup of coffee or on a Canadian street.

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  • Monday Dec. 23 Sarah will be a guest on Jonovision which airs at 4 pm EST on the CBC.
  • Sunday Dec. 15 Sarah will host a special, Children First, which airs 4 pm EST on the CBC.
  • Friday Dec. 20 Johann's Gift to Christmas will air on the CBC at 7 pm EST. It will
    have a narration of "Silent Night" by Sarah and John Neville.
  • Since it's summer, I'll be updating less frequently.
  • Sarah had worked on a new film called Joe's So Mean to Josephine. I've been told
    that it will be released in early November.
  • I've posted the interview from She Should Talk (by Erica Ehm) in the Articles section.
  • Sarah is currently working on a second film directed by Atom Egoyan, The Sweet Hereafter.
  • I've obtained two pics from The Sweet Hereafter and made another clip from the Jonovision
    appearance. I also plan on making additional clips from video sources I've already listed.
    --Sorry, nothing really new. (Video clip's not posted yet)
  • I'm working on a hi-resolution scan of Sarah from the TV Guide picture. I plan on sending this
    scan to a place which can make posters from it. I intend to scan for an approximately 24"x35"
    poster. The last time I did something like this it turned out fairly well. However, the cost will run
    about $25 or a little more. This isn't definite yet, but let me know if you're interested so that I can
    try to workout a discount for a large order.
  • All the 8-bit sound files have been resized and placed on a commercial server, so if you've
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  • My student and commercial account are limited in size, but I'll try to make as many video
    clips available as I can.
  • Special thanks to Jay "The Jedi Master" for removing an extraneous figure and reconstructing
    Sarah's right side in the final morphing shot.
  • Special thanks to Travis for supplying some storage space.
  • There are many other black and white photos of Sarah in Ramona: [Behind the Scenes].
    I have only posted a small selection.
  • Joe's So Mean to Josephine will be distributed on video by Alliance in June or July.
  • Sarah has contributed some stories to Canadian Actors' Anecdotes, which will be in available
    in the Fall of '97.
  • Sarah is also featured in The Hanging Garden. This will be released '97/'98 in theaters.
  • She is also in a TV-movie The Planet of Junior Brown. This airs next season on CBC.
  • I'd also like to extend my thanks to all of you who have contributed information about Sarah
    and her work: David, Jennifer, Martin, Ryan, and anyone I might have missed.

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