Other sources for photos and articles on Sarah

  • Ramona: Behind the Scenes of a Television Show written by Elaine Scott,
    ISBN # 0-688-06818-9
  • The Avonlea Album editied by Fiona McHugh, ISBN# 0-920668-97-6
  • Performing Arts and Entertainment in Canada, "Through the Looking Glass
    at Sarah Polley" Fall-Winter 1994 Pg. 32-3
  • Performing Arts and Entertainment in Canada, "Exotica" Fall-Winter 1994
    Pg. 21
  • Newsweek, "Marvels Upon Marvels" March 13, 1989
  • People Weekly, Pg. 60 (Picture only) October 3, 1988
  • Toronto Sun, "Exit from Avonlea" date is unknown
  • The National, "Road From Avonlea;" contact:
    Nancy Staib
    Senior Clerk, CBC Visual Resources
    Box 500, Station A
    Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6
    (416) 205-6375
    The January 8, 1996 documentary costs $50 plus tax (Canadian)
  • Straight Up, Guest appearance in the episode Dead Babies.
  • She Should Talk by Erica Ehm, ISBN#: 0-00-638055-7
    The book has a 20-page interview and costs $16.
    I know of only one dealer, C.W. Hay Bookseller, who can get you a copy.
  • Artists Against Racism, Donate $30 or more and receive an autographed
    photo of Sarah
  • Cinema Graphics, order a poster of Sarah from The Adventures of Baron

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