Pictures of Sarah From Various Sources

Unknown: Sarah being interviewed (small)
Unknown: At an award ceremony?
Toronto Sun: On the streets of Toronto?
MacLean's: At a studio
Unknown French Publication: Sarah laying around
Unknown French Publication: Sarah and some of the family
Uknown French Publication: Closeup of Sarah
Elle: Black and white of Sarah looking "Uma-ish"
The Cannes Festival (I)
The Cannes Festival (II)
Joe's So Mean to Josephine
The Sweet Hereafter
The Sweet Hereafter: A second pic
Newsweek: Sarah in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Maclean's: Joe's So Mean to Josephine
Artists Against Racism
TV Guide
TV Guide: Sarah in costume
Eye Weekly
People Weekly: Sarah and her brother, Mark
People Weekly: Sarah with her parents, Michael and Diane Polley
People Weekly: Sarah playing the flute in her room
Broadcast Week: Sarah???
Ramona: [Behind the Scenes]: Sarah hugging her stuffed animal
Ramona: [Behind the Scenes]: Sarah on a swing
Ramona: [Behind the Scenes]: Sarah in a "Ramona Forever" T-shirt
Ramona: [Behind the Scenes]: Another cute picture of Sarah
Ramona: [Behind the Scenes]: Sarah giving someone a scare
Contributions: Sarah sitting on her bed
Contributions: Publicity shot of Sarah as Miss Stanley
Avonlea Traditions Chronicle: Sarah and a fan at Queens Park
Exotica: Black and white of Sarah as Tracy

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