Island Ladies Updates

April 24, 1999
Added info to the Jackie on due South page and an articles page. It currently features interviews with Lally and Mag from The Avonlea Traditions Chronicle.

April 11, 1999
Had to change the address for one of Jackie's links and one of Lally's links

April 5, 1999
Added link for Gema

March 23, 1999
Added first batch of frame captures of Gema in The Challengers

March 22, 1999
Added links for Jackie and Lally

March 8, 1999
Added Updates on the Ladies page with info about recent and upcoming projects of Jackie, Lally, and Gema

March 5, 1999
Revamped album pages; added icon to vote for best RTA pages on front page

March 2, 1999
Unvailed Island Ladies: The Women of Road to Avonlea and fanfic "A Family of Their Own"