Updates on the Ladies

From the Winter 1998/99 (Issue No. 26) of The Avonlea Traditions Chronicle

Pages 19 and 27
Jackie "apprared in More Tales of The City, a six-hour PBS mini-series, as Mother Mucca, the madam of the Bluee Moon Lodge, a brothel in Nevada."
Lally "will appear as Mrs. Candour in The School For Scandal at The Stratford Festival in Stratford, Ontario during the 1999 season."
Gema "recently filmed a cable TV movie in Los Angeles called Pirates of Silicon Valley, and played a gues role in an upccoming new series called Dear America. Gema also has a role in Johnny, a short Canadian film."
Note: Pirates of Silicon Valley will air on the US cable station TNT in June. There is info about it at TNT's site. Gema's costars include ER's Noah Wyle and Weird Science's Anthony Michael Hall.