Jackie in Due South (1997)

As Gladys Caunce
in "Eclipse"

According to page 30 of the Autumn 1997 (Number 21) issue of The Avonlea Traditions Chronicle, Jackie "played an old woman who was tackled by Paul Gross (the young, handsome Mountie) and loved every minute of it!"
During the 3rd and 4th season's, Jackie being jumped upon by Fraser can be seen during the opening credits.

Note: She does have several other scenes in this episode, but they take place in a nearly dark crypt and did not come out well on Adobe Premiere.
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Jackie isn't the only RTA cast member or guest star who have gone due South. Others include (along with episode title):
Roger Dunn (Bert Potts in several episodes) - Store Owner in "A Cop, A Mountie, and a Baby"
David Fox (Clive Pettibone) - Rev. Albert Barrow in "Bird in the Hand"
Frances Hyland (Louisa J. Banks - Sara's Nanny Louisa) - Fraser's Grandmother in "Letting Go"
Graham MacPherson (Dr. Snow in the sixth and seventh seasons) - Dr. Martins in "Hawk and a Handsaw"
Shawn Mathieson (Jimmy in "Return to Me") - Sid in "The Promise"
Gordon Pinsent (John Hodgson in "Someone to Believe in") - Robert Fraser in numerous episodes, became a regurlar during season 3/4
Wayne Robson - Damon Cahill in "Asylum"
Cedric Smith (Alec King) - High-ranking Mountie in "Perfect Strangers"
Ron White (Mr. Tyler in several first season episodes) - Kevin Spender in "I Coulda Been a Defendant"