Following their success with "Anne Of Green Gables", the talented duo of Kevin Sullivan and Trudy Grant set their eyes towards a television series, based on one of Lucy Maud Montgomery's favorite characters, Sara Stanley, The Story Girl.  Using tales from  the books, "The Story Girl", "The Golden Road",  "The Chronicals of Avonlea" and "The Further of Chronicals of Avonlea", Sullivan Entertainment created a family  show like no other and in doing so, gave us seven  wonderful seasons with  the stories of the families and characters living in the small Prince Edward Island town known as Avonlea.

     The television series,
Road to Avonlea first aired in 1989 on Canada's CBC.   It  was soon picked up by America's Disney Channel, and re-named Avonlea.  The series ran 91 episodes,  ending on the advent of World War I.  Since the series end, Sullivan Entertainment has filmed a sequel of sorts, "Happy Christmas Miss King"  with many of our favourite Avonlea family members.

Road to Avonlea moves past it's 10th Anniversary, devoted fans (Roadies) continue to hope for more sequels in the coming years.
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U.S. Fans:
Avonlea is no longer on the Hallmark Channel.
Obviously they haven't the sense God gave geese!
Canadian Fans:
Avonlea is back home on CBC, Monday-Friday afternoons.
Vision Televison, in Canada, is also airing Avonlea.
Check your local listings for times & availability in your viewing area.
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