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Some special links to provide safe passage for  kindred spirits, in hopes that they may find Prince Edward Island,
he World of Lucy Maud Montgomery and AVONLEA a little  closer to hearth and home:
Dalvay by the Sea aka The White Sands Hotel
The Prince Edward Island Website
Shelly's Avonlea, The Lost Season Fan Fic Site
Jan's Remembering Avonlea (bring your hankies)
Early Bird's Embark To Avonlea
Kitty's Our Avonlea
Confederation Hall
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Early 1900's
Avonlea Traditions (catalog & magazine)
The Official Anne 3 site
There's No Place Like Home
Rag's Sara Stanley Page (a website made by a 10 year old fan)
Katie's Avonlea
Avonlea Boards, by Shelly, the Avonlea Diva
Who did I miss?
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More Links
A kindred spirits guide for an Escape to Avonlea
Official Websites & Fan Pages
Un-Official Websites & Fan Pages
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Lillian's Avonlea Quotes Links Page
Portugal On-Line's Avonlea Links Page
Road to Avonlea & Avonlea On-line Links Page
Weather in Charlottetown
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Emily of New Moon
Kindred Spirits of PEI