" Our Avonlea...the sweetest spot on earth...", this is how Hetty King described the fictional town of Avonlea,  written by  Lucy Maud Montgomery , the author of "Anne of Green Gables". A small town on Prince Edward Island, in the Canadian Maritimes. An island of great beauty......red earth, green softly rolling hills,  sparking blue ocean,  cream colored sandy beaches,  wild flowers growing every where ,  and the salty smell of the sea....whispering softly in the distance......All this under the canopy  of a blue sky dotted with  white clouds.  Having once visited  the island , it will always hold a tiny corner of your heart and call it  ...home.

In the small northshore  farming  town of Avonlea we find the King family. Hetty King , the eldest is the  local  school teacher.  Alec King ,who lives on the King Farm with his wife,  Janet  Ward King and their four children; Felicity, Felix, Cecily and the baby , Daniel. Digger, a yellow dog, is the family pet.
Roger King, the geologist, has one son, Andrew;  and he has moved  to Halifax to work at Dalhousie University. Ruth King Stanley, lived in Montreal with her industrialist husband, Blair and daughter, Sara.  Upon her  mother's death, Sara went to live in Avonlea.  The youngest, Olivia King Dale, who is a reporter for the  The  Avonlea Chronicle,  lives with her inventor husband, Jasper Dale , small son Montgomery and later, an adopted daughter, Alysia. Into the lives of the King family comes a young orphaned stranger, Gus Pike by name, whom they "...take in and treat as one of their own..." 
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