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It is six miles from Ingleside to Lowbridge (AoI, ch 7, 1st page).

The 'Morgan Place' (later Ingleside) has a big lawn with old trees, and a hardwood grove of 12 acres behind; an orchard; a brick wall with a door in it around the garden. It has a view of the harbour and dunes. The lighthouse is visible from an attic window. There is no brook in the garden, but one does run from the maple grove into the Glen Pond. The pond is not far from the house; Gilbert compares it to the Lake of Shining Waters (AHoD, ch 40, 4th page).

The harbour road, in the direction of Miss Cornelia's house, is visible from the veranda of Ingleside, which also faces the brick-walled garden (RV, ch 1, 2nd page). From the veranda, the 'sunset spendour of glen, harbour and gulf' can be seen (RV, ch 2, 12th page). Taking all this into account, it seems that the verandah, the garden and the maple grove must all be on the north side of Ingleside. The fact that there is a reasonable view of the harbour despite the trees intervening suggests that the ground slopes downwards to the north.

The maple grove is between Ingleside and the Glen pond. Rainbow Valley is 'behind the maple grove' (RV, ch 3, 1st page). A corner of the pond runs into Rainbow Valley. A brook runs from the Glen village, through Rainbow Valley. The houses of the village are 'comfortably far away' from Rainbow Valley, with only the 'Old Bailey House' (and its dyke and garden) at the upper end of Rainbow Valley (RV, ch 3, 2nd page).

The pond is south of Rainbow Valley, with woods beyond in the distance, amongst which is a hill where there lies an 'old grey homestead' (Rosemary and Ellen West), which 'looks onto glen and harbour' (RV, ch 3, 2nd page; see also RV, ch 13, 8th page).

In the largest hollow of Rainbow Valley, is a grove of young spruces, with a glade at the centre 'opening onto the banks of the brook'. The glade contains the White Lady and the Tree Lovers (RV, ch 3, 2nd page).

Rainbow Valley is described as 'the little woody dell below the manse hill'. So the Manse is on a hill overlooking Rainbow Valley. (RV, ch 4, 9th page). Ingleside (the girls' room and Walter's room) is visible across Rainbow Valley from the Manse (RV, ch 15, 10th page).

The new and old Methodist graveyards are either side of the Methodist church (RV, ch 4, 2nd page). The Old Methodist Graveyard (OMG) is surrounded on three sides by a dyke and paling, with tall firs beyond. The open side is to the east, on which side lies a fir plantation and then thick woods. Mention of 'two churches' implies that the Presbyterian church and the Methodist Church are both near the OMG (RV, ch 4, 3rd page).

The front of the Manse looks out onto the harbour (RV, ch 4, 1st page). As I have it on the map, the side of the Manse looking to the road faces west, but we may perhaps assume that with the OMG to the south, the builders would have put the front of the Manse to the north.

From OMG, the fir grove leads to Mr Taylor's pasture field, in which is the barn where Mary Vance was found by the Manse children (RV, ch 5, 2nd page).

'Over harbour' suggests that even from the Glen, nearer the centre of the bay than the House of Dreams, there is still a distinct area across the other side. Bearing in mind that 'over harbour' is where the McAllisters (etc) live, and they they echo the Montgomery (etc) clans of Clifton and Cavendish, it may be that the Glen is supposed to be on the opposite side of the large river to Clifton, ie. on the north bank (RV, ch 5, 5th page).

Rainbow Valley is between Harbour Head and the Manse (RV, ch 13, 2nd page). A path from the spring skirts the marsh and goes up to the Wests' house (RV, ch 13, 7th page). Rainbow Valley is described as a 'long valley' (RV, ch 21, 1st page). There is a spring in a hollow, near the marsh at the bottom end of Rainbow Valley (RV, ch 13, 1st page).

It is three miles from the fishing village at the harbour mouth to the Manse (RV, ch 24, 3rd page). This distance suggests that the village is on that north-facing area of land jutting out into the centre of the harbour, which I suggested might be 'harbour head' (see also RV, ch 13, 2nd page). This is more or less the same position as that given for the fishing village in AHoD (AHoD, ch 5, 1st page).

Mention of the harbour road (RV, ch 24, 4th page) suggests that it runs from the fishing village either to the Glen or right round to Four Winds Point. The fact that Miss Cornelia uses the road to come from her house to Ingleside (RV, ch 1, 2nd page) suggests the latter alternative.

Evan Boyd's field is between the Glen and Rainbow Valley (RV, ch 25, 9th page).

Rainbow Valley is visible from the attic window of Ingleside (RV, ch 3, 1st page), which also looks onto the lighthouse (AHoD, ch 40, 4th page). This implies either that Rainbow Valley is roughly north of Ingleside or that there are different attic windows looking in different directions (quite possible!).

The brook running though Rainbow Valley comes from the village (RV, ch 3, 1st page). The brook from the maple grove runs to the Glen pond (AHoD, ch 40, 4th page). May have to consider the possibility that there are two different brooks here, or that the Glen pond isn't actually in the village.

To get from Rainbow Valley to the manse, you need to go past the Old Bailey Garden (RV, ch 30, 2nd page).

To get to Ingleside from the manse, avoiding the Bailey House, you go down the hill, along the Glen Street, and thence to Ingleside (RV, ch 30, 3rd page).

'The eastern hill' suggests that Rainbow Valley goes north-south with the hills/slopes to east and west either side (RV, ch 35, 3rd page).

When the Ingleside youngsters go to the party at the lighthouse, they go past Miss Cornelia's house, and then by way of the House of Dreams (RoI, ch 3, 8th page). On the way back from the light, the boats go past 'Birch Point' (RoI, ch 4, 10th page).

'... across the harbour from the western side' suggests that lighthouse and the House of Dreams is on the eastern side (RoI, ch 3, 12th page). This is not definitely inconsistent with the map as it stands, however. The context mentions 'the western side' in distinction from 'the harbour head', not necessarily in opposition to where the House of Dreams is.

From the pavilion to the seaward side of the lighthouse, where the dance was held (RoI, ch 3, last page) the sandy shore and the dunes are to the left and the rock shore is to the right . This is the second main objection to the map as I have it at present. The only way around it, as far as I can see, is to assume that the shore becomes sandy to the west of the lighthouse, so that the rocky shore extends only eastwards of the lighthouse and around the point.

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