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Road to Avonlea is a TV series produced by Sullivan Entertainment. It's based on the work of Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the famous novel Anne of Green Gables. Set on Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), CANADA between 1903 to 1912, the series follows the adventures and friendships of the residents in the town of Avonlea. Road to Avonlea has ran for 7 seasons, a total of 91 episodes. It has been shown in 140 countries and millions of viewers around the world have seen it.
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Avonlea Reunion

All Road to Avonlea fans!
The Avonlea reunion entitled "Happy Christmas, Miss King" was on air on CBC on 13th December 1998. Pictures from the movie.

Happy Christmas Miss King (1998) /Internet Movie Database/
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You can PURCHASE HCMK if you click through this link.


You can find here several pictures from RTA and HCMK from several sources. Some of them are from TV-guide, some from the Avonlea Album picture-book and there are pictures from the CBC website also. Over 80 pieces of beautiful images.

Video files

Once upon a time there was a Disney website about Avonlea.... There were some pictures, articles and two video files available there. But unfortunately this website is no more available.....
I decided to publish these videos ;-) I have no permission from Disney to publish their stuff.... but I hope they won't be angry at me... ;) 1 796 508 bytes 5 946 176 bytes
These files are properties of The Disney Channel.


Wallpaper1.jpg 1027x768x16M
Wallpaper2.jpg 1027x768x16M

Thanks to Prince Edward Island Internet Information Centre, Tim, Karen, Mikio and other peoples for the pictures I've used for these wallpapers.

Titles of the episodes

Titles of the episodes in the order the Hungarian TV played.

Some wonderful quotes...

"I'll never forget the days of my youth. When the waves rippled between my toes, taking the pink and silver grains of sand back out to the depths of the sea. There was a peace then; an indescribable feeling of imortality in the eb and flow of the tide, and the seemingly endless streatch of beach and sky. Now as I gaze out upon those same sparkling waters, I realize that youth is never left behind, but is carried always, gently, in the heart."
                              Hetty King from her novel "My Home is the Island"... Memento Mori

"The nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
                              Anne from "Anne of Avonlea" by LMM

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2 great individualities

Lucy Maud Montgomery and Kevin Sullivan.
Coming soon...

Memory game

This is the classic memory game with some background. You can turn up the cards in pairs.

Quiz question

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Countries where RTA was shown in

We know there are several countries in the world where RTA was shown in. Help me to gather up them. Please drop me an including the name of your country if RTA was on air there. Thanks :-)
Countries /27/:
US, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Norway, Finland, Australia, Argentina, Pakistan, Belgium, Philippines, Yugoslavia, India, China, Cyprus, England, Switzerland, Spain, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, Puerto Rico ...

Links to Avonlea-actors' sites /4/

Links to other Avonlea sites /78/

Lots of websites deal with RTA. Most of them are Americans and Canadians but you can find websites from Iceland, Japan. These links are reviewed periodically. There are some dead links in the list also... I'm waiting for a little time and if those links will be bad in the future, I'll delete them from my list.

Road to Avonlea

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