Welcome to the wonderful world of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. It's the turn of the century, and progress is evident. Telephones are starting to spring up all over town! And one lucky lady, Mrs.Muriel Pettibone, even has her own automobile! Progress is far from the most important thing in Avonlea. What really matters is the people. Our main focus is the extended King family. There's Alec King and his wife Janet, and they have four children, Felicity, Felix, Cecliy, and Daniel. Felicity has just wed her long-time beau, Gus Pike. Alec has two sisters, the oldest, Hetty, and the youngest, Olivia. Olivia is married to Jasper Dale, and they have a son, Montgomery (Monty). Alec has a brother, Alan, with a son, Andrew, but they don't live on the island. His sister, Ruth, died years ago and she left behind an imaginative daughter, Sara Stanley. Sara is off studying in Paris now, but she used to live with Hetty. The most gripping parts of Avonlea for me were the romances that took place there. My favorite was definitely the ongoing one between Felicity King and Gus Pike. So touched was I by by there romance that I decided to dedicate a whole section to them, as you will see. Sara Stanley had a few chances at romance herself, the biggest one with a boy named Booth who was in town for a short time only. And let's not forget the adults! When Avonlea started, Olivia and Jasper weren't even married! It was sweet to watch their romance evolve. Well, I guess there's not much more to be said. You probably know all there is to know. So I'll leave you with some Avonlea-related links, more pictures, and the special Gus and Felicity section. Have fun!

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