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Sullivan Entertainment's movie version of Anne Of Green Gables has been called the definitive adaptation of the Lucy Maud Montgomery story. Judging from the amount of mail we receive from fans around the world - even today, 10 years after the first airing of Anne - we have obviously struck a chord. Here we hope to answer some of the questions we have been asked over the years.

Will Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe ever come back for a movie or mini-series?

Boy, are we asked this a lot. Unfortunately for Anne fans, at this point there are no plans to bring them back.

Where is Anne (Megan Follows) now?

Megan Follows - who portrayed Anne (it's spelled with an "e") Shirley in both Anne Of Green Gables and Anne Of Green Gables: The Sequel - is living in Los Angeles with her two children, and has just completed another movie for Sullivan Entertainment - Under The Piano. Plans are afoot for her to open in Stratford next season in Amadeus and King Lear. Back

How much of Anne of Green Gables was filmed in PEI?

Youíll be shocked - less than 5%; it was almost entirely filmed in Ontario. Only the wide scenic vistas of the ocean with beaches and red roads were done there. Sullivan found similar Maritime landscape on a farm in Uxbridge where most of the Avonlea series is still filmed today. Sets were built there that are identical replicas of buildings on the Island. This allowed ease of shooting in both locations with absolute authenticity. Back

Did you know that thousands of Japanese tourists flock to P.E.I. looking for the White Way of Delight?

Unfortunately, the White Way of Delight is actually an orchard just outside of Toronto. The blossoms in the scene only lasted for one day and then the rain washed them away. The building of Green Gables was actually two distinct buildings. One was shot from a great distance with rolling hills and later became the King House on Avonlea and was also used in the movie Lantern Hill. The other used for close-ups only, is known as Butternut Farm and is located just outside Toronto. Back

Does Avonlea really exist?

Avonlea No, there is no actual town in P.E.I. called Avonlea. The town of Avonlea in the production really only exists on film. Itís a combination of film techniques, location and back lot shooting, historical villages in locales such as Hamilton, Wentworth, Doon and Pickering, Ontario. If you'd like to learn more about some of the buildings and locations, the Westfield Heritage Centre in Rockton, Ontario is one place you might like to visit. Back

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