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Do you think that you know all the facts about Anne of Green Gables? Test yourself against these questions to see if your knowledge is complete. Just click on one of the questions to see the answer, and click on the answer to return to the questions. Here you go...


  1. What was the name of the orphanage that Anne came from?
  2. Name the train station where Anne meets Matthew Cuthbert for the first time.
  3. Why did Anne Shirley crack a slate over Gilbert’s head?
  4. Who was Anne’s kindred spirit and best friend?
  5. Name the scholarship Anne won while studying at Queen’s Academy?
  6. What poem did Anne choose for her important recital?
  7. What was the most beautiful part of Anne’s new dress she received from Matthew?
  8. What name did Anne wish she had?
  9. What was Gilbert’s nickname for Diana?
  10. What is Anne’s mother’s name?
  11. Why did Anne want to change her name?
  12. What did Anne’s bosom buddy drink that made her sick?


1. Fairview

2. Bright River

3. He called her "Carrots"

4. Diana Barry

5. The Avery

6. The Highwayman

7. Puffed Sleeves

8. Cordelia

9. Crow-head

10. Bertha

11. It was plain old unromantic

12. Raspberry Cordial

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