Road to Avonlea - An Era of Innocence (Unofficial Fan Page)

Road to Avonlea is set in what is known as "the era of innocence". A time when a young woman and man could not be left alone together. A time of high moral standards. You can just escape into this carefree world! In this day in age of people are looking for something they can just sit there and go into a whole new world! That is what has made this show such a success and an eduring classic for years to come!
Avonlea is a world of friendship, adventure, and romance. My favorite part is the romance, the innocent romance! There are several different couples, young and old. My personal favorite are Gus Pike and Felicity King-Pike (the pictures are of them). Gus courted Felicity for over 6 years and four proposals before they married on the final episode. There is also Jaspar Dale and Olivia King-Dale. Jaspar and Olivia were married in the third season. Alec King and Janet Ward-King have been married since the before the show even began, but they are as in love as ever. That is wonderful after having four children (Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and Daniel)! The last couple is Felix King and Izzy Pettibone. They are a young couple who have gone from being friends to more than that. This is what Avonlea is all about!
I have included several pictures at the bottom of this page. I felt that these particular pictures captured the spirit and life of Avonlea. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
I would like to stress that no copywrite infringement is intended. I give full credit to Sullivan Entertainment.
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