Japanese 'Buttercups' support a Canadian Heritage Site in Leaskdale

The Avonlea Traditions Chronicle, Spring 1997, Issue No.19.

Just imagine how wonderful it is - a manse in Leaskdale, Ontario that still remains the same as when our beloved friends, Anne grew up and Emily was born from the pen of the eminent author, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

More than 200 members of Buttercups, the largest L.M. Montgomery fan club in Japan, were thrilled to learn of the Township of Uxbridge's plan to restore the manse as a Montgomery Museum. Last year, one member of Buttercups, Hitomi Ando, toured Uxbridge and Leaskdale with the kind assistance of Mrs. Wilda Clark.

Hitomi was excited to see the actual manse where Montgomery spent 15 years of her productive era as an author and mother of two sons. Since Ms Ando's trip, Montgomery Manse fund-raising has become the main topic among the members. Some members have made individual donations to the project, and this past autumn, twelve members gathered a total of $1,200.00 CDN to help out.

On November 24, 1996, Yuka Kajihara, as a representative of Buttercups, presented the cheque to Wilda Clark, a member of the L. M. Montgomery Committee, dated for November 30th, Montgomery's birthday.

Montgomery is one of the most impressive Canadian authors and the manse, a Canadian heritage site, has to endure as a museum to show us more about the life of Montgomery herself.

The members of Buttercups, though most of them may never be able to set foot in Canada, now hope that others will be able to visit the future Montgomery Museum in Leaskdale.


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