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Sullivan Entertainment Inc. is recognized around the world as a leading producer of high-quality family entertainment. It's long list of credits include the popular Anne of Green Gables miniseries and feature films, as well as the Emmy award winning Road to Avonlea weekly prime-time series which wrapped up a successful seven-year run on Canadian and U.S. Television in 1996.

Since it's founding in 1978, Sullivan Entertainment has built a reputation for well crafted stories, impeccable casting and superior TV programming made with a filmmaker's sensibility.

Sullivan/Grant building in Toronto

The creative force behind Sullivan Entertainment's critical and commercial success is Kevin Sullivan, writer, director, producer and company co-founder. Kevin's stature as a producer of on-budget, top notch entertainment has attracted international investors and

Kevin Sullivan stars to his productions, adding even more prestige to the company. Renowned for his directorial ease with both children and well-known actors, he has also established a rapport with audiences around the world, who respond to the charm, authenticity and attention to detail of his productions.

It has been almost 20 years since Kevin turned his talents to dramatic filmmaking, and since then his name has become synonymous with top quality family entertainment.

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