Avonlea Adoption Agency
Here is where you can adopt an Avonlea character for your page! All you have to do is, e-mail us
with: the url of your page, your name, your site title, and which character you would like to adopt! Pretty simple huh?

After we check out your site to make sure that it is a good home for the foundling, we will send you the foundling along with the certificate and you must link it back to Lisa and Julie's Road to Avonlea.

Adopted Foundlings

Cecily by Lisa and Julie
Felicity Pike by Maude of Avonlea: A Place Where Your Dreams Come True
Gus Pike and Felicity King by Rosebuddz of Avonlea Addicts
Gus and Felicity Pike by Katie of Michael Mahonen web page
Felix King by Nikki of Avonlea Dreams
Izzy Pettibone by Katie of Avonlea: A Place Where Everyone Can Come Home To
Felix and Izzy by Alexis and Vernise of Lea Gap
Peg Bowen by Chelsea of Jamie and Chelsea's Avonlea
Daniel King by Lindena (Aunt Hetty) of Aunt Hetty's Avonlea
Sara Stanley by Karen of Avonlea: A Place To Come Home To

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