Kindred Clubs....

do you ever find yourself speaking in 'Anne-speak' or using a 'Hetty-ism' and no one knows what you are going on about?
Visit one of these clubs and find yourself a home away from home...whilst making your
Escape to Avonlea!
Yahoo clubs:

Michael (Gus Pike) Mahonen Lounge
Avonlea Club
The Road to Avonlea Club
Rachel Lynde Gossip Corner
Our Cecily (the repressed one) Club
We Want Our Avonlea Club
For the Love of Maud Club
Gus Pike World Club
Felicity & Gus Club
The Couples of Avonlea Club
Anne's Green Gables Kitchen Club
Green Gables Club
Anne 3 Club
Anne & Avonlea Club
Gus Pike Club

Discussion Groups:

Avonlea Quotes
The Avonlea Village
Holly's Avonlea Rarities
Anne Fans
The Lighthouse Guild
Fans of Michael (Gus Pike) Mahonen
Fans of Megan Follows
Avonlea Addicts
Fans of Megan #2 (Anne Shirley) Follows
Kindred Quotes from 'Anne' and 'RTA'
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Book Club featuring the Works of Maud
Lucy Maud Montgomery's Writings
Chronicles of Avonlea Role Playing Game
Avonlea Characters Role Playing Game
Different Opinions Role Playing Game

~If I missed anyone, or if you start a new club or discussion group and would like me to add it to my list, drop me a line!