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The ABC's of Avonlea
A First Kiss
The Alec King Family
Gus's Lighthouse
A is for the sweetest spot on earth...Our AVONLEA
B is for Bugle, the apt named Eulalie
C is for Calamitous Courtships, and the laughter they bring
D is for Dale, who marries Olivia King
E is for Ezekeil,  who know about Gus' life
F is for Felicity, who becomes Gus' wife
G is for gullibility and for wearing it well
H is for Halifax, it can also stand for he_ _!
I is for Izzy, who isn't a bit "petty"
J is for Jasper, who irritates Hetty
K is for King of the Great White Way
L is for laughter, that comes every day
M is for Muriel, the bride of Clive
N is for nuptials, different grooms, same bride
O is for ordeals, at least 2 or three
P is for Peg Bowen, the Witch of Avonlea
Q is for quilts, and questions a plenty
R is for Romney, a gent friend of Hetty
S is for Sara, our dear Story Girl
T is for travels, all around the world
U is for unicorns, undersea no less
V is for Valentines and Felix's snappy little vest
W is for The White Sands Hotel, where Felix & Gus work
X is for Kisses (and O's for hugs), a literary quirk
Y is for Yes, Sully, closure we request!
Z is for zealous as we Roadies are,
             How do you like my ABC rendition, so far?
Sara, the Story Girl
King Farm
Hetty King
Rachel Lynde
Cecily2 & Daniel
King Farm
Great Aunt Eliza
Rose Cottage
The White Sands
The Dales: Jasper & Olivia
Simon Tremain
The Pettibone's:Izzy, Arthur, & Morgan;
Clive & Muriel
The Pikes:
Gus & Felicity
Escape to Avonlea
Stuart McRae
Felix King