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"Road to Avonlea" is a period drama television series based on the works of Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery, particularly her "Anne of Green Gables" series. Set on Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) between 1903 to 1912 (and a Christmas special taking place December 1914), the series follows the adventures and friendships of the residents in the quaint town of Avonlea. Produced by Sullivan Entertainment, "Road to Avonlea" originally aired in 1990 and ran for seven seasons, a total of 91 - 1 hour episodes. The show included an extensive cast with several cameo appearances by famous actors/actresses, and claimed 15 Geminis, 3 Emmys and 4 CableAce awards along the way.

The End of a Series

When Sullivan Entertainment announced they were ending "Road to Avonlea" after its seventh season, devoted fans were shocked. After all, the series gained 2.5 million viewers and was available in 140 countries. Why pull the plug on a show that was such a hit? Sullivan responded with three relevant reasons. First, with nearly 100 episodes already produced, it was becoming increasingly difficult to write stories that were both creative and original. Sullivan claimed that all possible plot and story combinations had been used and any new episodes would risk being redundant. Second, the cast grew up. When "Road to Avonlea" began, its primary focus was on the adventures of its children actors/actresses. However, the series covered nine years and its characters began to move on. Felix joins the Navy, Sara travels the world and Felicity gets married. Towards the second half of the series, focus shifts to new additions to the cast and other youths, such as Davey and Dora. Sullivan didn't want to keep replacing older cast members with younger ones. Finally, the last episode takes place Summer 1912. In just a short time, World War I would start, and the tranquil little town of Avonlea would be changed irrevocably.

News and Information

January 19: There is an Avonlea Petition here: Avonlea Petition. It petitions Sullivan Entertainment to make the series available on DVD and VHS, and release the REAL music score.

October 30: Not much new to report. One new link in "Links" page. No new videos have been released. Fortunately, all of the first two seasons are available, as well as most of third season, and several others. Find out what's on video on the Videos page.

October 1: Videoflicks now has the following tapes available: Story Girl Earns Her Name/Dreamer of Dreams, Family Rivalry/Blue Chest of Arabella King, Aunt Hetty's Ordeal/Conversions. You can find links to them on the Videos page.

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