Avonlea Quotes


"I intend to set my sights higher than a dirt covered boy who lives in an old lighthouse!" - Felicity King in "A Dark and Stormy Night"

"Gullibility looks good on you, Felicity." - Gus Pike in "Felicity's Perfect Beau"

"Had the wretched creature any last words?" - Hetty King (about the perverse parrot) in "Hearts and Flowers"

"All right, Felix, here's a tip.  Don't brush your teeth with a brick." - Felicity King in "Felicity's Grand Design"

"He kissed her?  Where?"   "In the parlor." - Gus Pike and Sara Stanley in "Felicity's Perfect Beau"

"Measure your life not by what you do, but how you feel." - Hetty's mother in a flashback scene in "Memento Mori"

"How can you hug me and be mad at me at the same time?"  "Because I'm your mother." - Felix and Janet King in "Incident at Vernon River"

"You have that pinched look, just like the rest of the King family." - Eliza Ward to Felicity in "Hearth and Home"

"You have a secret admirer?  Someone with addled wits and poor eyesight." - Felicty King in "Comings and Goings"

"It was an irrigation wagon.  Now it's a fire wagon." - Alec King to Clive Pettibone in "Boys Will Be Boys"

"Better than kissing my dog!" - Gus Pike to Felicity after giving her a smooch in the barn in "How Kissing was Discovered" (Thanks, Dawn!)

Felicity: "You see, Cecily, by the time I was your age, I knew the seven household rules for removing even the most persistent stains." Sara: "Cecily, by the time I was your age, I'd sailed down the Nile and seen the seven wonders of the world.  If I had a stain on something, I simply threw it away!" - Felicity King and Sara Stanley in "Proof of the Pudding" (Thanks again, Dawn!)

"This ugly little pinafore has a very big hem - it will last you for years.  You can wear it to college, you can be married in it, and then you can be buried in it." - Sara imitating her Aunt Hetty in "But When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid."

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