*The Stories*

Red Earth by Purple Violet

My nineteen-chapter sequel to the series. It is unfinished and has not been added to for a couple of years, but as soon as I have time and the motivation, I plan to complete it.  It begins right after Gus and Felicity's wedding and, so far, ends in early 1916.  

Where Roses Bloom by Purple Violet

Another novel-length (well, eventually) piece of fan fiction.  It centers on the Road to Avonlea adults as children, particularly Hetty King.

Escape From Paris by Purple Violet

This is a short story I wrote to explain why Felix was MIA for most of Happy Christmas, Miss King.

The Violinist by Purple Violet

This is a weird story about an Avonlea-obsessed fan who gets put in a mental institution and slowly draws a young violinist into her delusions.  No, it is not autobiographical.  I'm not even that into Gus Pike, although I *do* like when he plays his fiddle and says things like "fair to middlin'".

Also...if you like my fan fiction, please check out some of my "regular" writing.  I've just posted a website with some of my essays and short stories, as well as excerpts from a one-act play and screenplay I've written.  Here's the link:  

Essays and Fiction by Heather Anne with an E for Eponine

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