Memories of Avonlea

~ The Road to Avonlea ~

It took us back to a more innocent time ~ ~

a time when . . . .
children and parents spent time together enjoyably ~
chores came before play ~
a sunset was a joyous wonder ~
love & friendship were truly treasured ~
hard work was rewarded in many ways, not the least of which was money ~
small towns & their values were appreciated ~
summer garden parties were the talk of the town ~
taking time to smell the flowers was the norm ~
the little courtesies of everyday living were valued ~

. . . . a time that lives on in our imaginations and in the memories of some still living!

Felicity & Felix King ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The village of AVONLEA ... PEI ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Gus Pike, Felix & Andrew King

~ ~ ~ ~ Felicity King & Sara Stanley, the 'Story Girl' ~ ~ ~ ~ GusPike & Hetty King

Felicity ... as she waits & hopes for a reunion with her beloved Gus

"So Dear to Our Heart"
The wedding everyone dreamed of !

Although we rejoiced with Gus & Felicity and their families, we were saddened that this was farewell
to all the wonderful friends we had come to know and love over 7 long years in Avonlea!

SULLIVAN Entertainment

Makers of Road to Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables movies,
Jane of Lantern Hill, Under the Piano, etc...etc...

ROAD to AVONLEA: The Uxbridge Connections


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