"Road to Avonlea" in Japan

In 1993, the first and second season episodes were televised on NHK ( Nippon Housou Kyoukai ; our national broadcasting corporation ). NHK repeated all of them in 1996, and afterward newly started the third season episodes and later. The final episode was shown on 4th Feb, 1997.

In Japan, "Anne of Green Gables" is certainly popular. But, I don't know why, the other works of Lucy Maud Montgomery including "The Story Girl" or "The Golden Road" are scarcely known except some enthusiast. So, I regret to say that "Road to Avonlea" was not very successful in Japan at first. But the fans of Avonlea are steadily increasing. I do hope that we will be able to enjoy the whole episodes of Avonlea again in the near future.

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(*) Arranged from a traditional Irish fiddle tune called 'Ur Cnoc Cein Mhic Cainte' (Gaelic for 'The Fresh Hills of Cein Mhic Cainte'). CD available : 'Grey Eyed Morn', Sue Richards ( Celtic Harp ), Maggie's Music,Inc. ( Special thanks to Asako Sou )
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MP3 RA Opening theme of the first two seasons ; Story Girl Theme John Welsman
MP3 RA Gus Pike Theme from "Aunt Hetty's Ordeal" (*)
MP3 RA Closing theme of "Conversions" ; Peg Bowen Theme
MP3 RA Closing theme of "Old Quarrels, Old Love" ; Friendship Theme
MP3 RA Closing theme of "Boys Will Be Boys" ; King Family Theme
MP3 RA Closing theme of "Lonely Hearts" Michael Conway Baker
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