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Emily   and   Avonlea:   How   to   get   to   the   PEI.   Sites!

	If you list _Emily of new Moon_ or _Road to Avonlea_ as your favourite TV show(s), you

have come to the right place! _Road to Avonlea_ ,A.K.A. 'RTA', is my all time favourite Television 

show, but since it's end two years ago _Emily of New Moon_ has recently captured my attencion.

Both Canadian shows are based on books' by Lucy Maud Montgomery, a famous author who lived in

Canada's smallest provence, Prince Edward Island. 

	I have had the privilage to travel to The Island twice (August '96 and July '97) and enjoyed

both my trips so much I have made plans to travel back there this summer. I leave the day after 

my birthday, what a birthday present! In doing so I have visited many Lucy Maud Montgomery, A.K.A. 'LMM', 

"landmarks" including: her birthplace, site of her home, Green Gables, her Grandparents house and

Silver Bush and finally her grave site. 


	I have read all of LMM's published books and therefore found many of these spots to be very interesting.

But being the big RTA fan I am, I really wanted to visit some of the rare spot's that were filmed in the 

award winning series. (Most of the filming was done in Uxbridge, Ontario) I was very suprised and disturbed

to find out that even though RTA drew many visitors to The Island, not one pamphlet about the sites was available.

Of course I didn't give up! I just dung in and found out all I could. Most locals were vague or were not aware of 

filming on The Island at all, i.e. I asked one local and she replyed "Road to Avonlea? That's on Sunday nights, 

right? I don't really watch it, I have work..." Obviously if they didn't care enough to watch it, they didn't know 

where to point us. We (my sister, Miriam and I) did pester enough people to find out some sites, although some were

false leads (West Point, Elmira Train Station), we did find out several. Look for those and directions to each site

 in the 'Road to PEI' section/page. It's name is listed on the bottom of this page, under "Links". 


	We actually had never heard of the series until we were on PEI in August 1996. Martha MacIssac was told she

 would play the lead, Emily Starr, only days before.   We rearranged our intinary to include the future site.

They were not even done building the house "New Moon" when we were there! Last Summer, I was back on PEI, and I revisited

the sites I saw the year before and many more that were more recently constructed.

(Read my article "Emily of New Moon: Filming Site" in the wonderful magazine 'Avonlea Traditions'. In it I explain 

  exactly what happed on both trips. If you are interested in seeing the same EoNM sites that my sister and I saw,

please visit my 'Emily of PEI' section/page listed on the bottom of this page under 'links'. Thanks! 


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