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Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Canada

There are many sites devoted to Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, and Canada. I feel that there can never be too many. So I'm going to try to put one together myself. Please bear with me =) I have much love for Avonlea, just not much creativity {grin}

Here are some of the Avonlea sites that I have come across. These are exceptional sites, put together by some pretty exceptional people. I know this, because I have the fortune of belonging, along with them, to a pretty special group of people, known as the "Roadies".

First of all, there are two official sites. Sullivan Productions in Canada are the people responsible for Avonlea - so email them and email them often! We have heard from a very reliable source that a Christmas reunion movie is being considered, and perhaps with a little email from us, we can help persuade them!! The Official Sullivan Avonlea Site

And Disney is the channel that shows it to us lucky people here in the US. If we email them as well, perhaps we can guarantee that they'll show it WHEN it's made (yes I'm optimistic!!!!!!) The Official Disney Channel Site

There are quite a few pages put together by some Avonlea fans. If you would like to explore some of the best sites around, please click here!!! The Roadie Connection

If you would like to chat with fellow RTA fans, please join us in our chat room =) Just fill out the blanks and hit enter =) It's that simple!!
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